Sunday, 10 February 2013

Just a History Lesson

There is a little piece of history, which the media tends to skip over and easily forget whenever the topic comes up....but it's an interesting piece of American history.

Somewhere in the midst of the Nixon years....around the early part of 1974....Richard Nixon came out with an agenda.  It was a simplified plan.  The deal would involve all employers to offer some type of health insurance policy.  The government would step in....with help the 'poor' afford the intended policies.

The odd thing is that Republicans were generally on board.  The comical side of this that Watergate basically stopped the entire agenda in its tracks.  Had Watergate never happened.....some type of massive national health insurance deal would have been put into place.

So you'd think that was the end of the story....but it's not.

In 1977, newly arrived President Jimmy Carter, starts his own health insurance agenda.  Oddly enough....Jimmy is frozen out of any advance...mostly because of Senator Ted Kennedy, who felt it wasn't going along the lines that Kennedy desired.  Infighting started to occur, and by the fourth year....Senator Ted Kennedy had decided to take on the President and ran a fairly healthy primary season against Carter.  Most people who've analyzed the 1979 primary and general election....will usually come to the bad primary blood being one of the three major reasons that Jimmy Carter lost to Reagan.

The Nixon and Carter programs?  It's odd....they rarely ever get mentioned today.  I would imagine that both would have eventually dumped folks into some Medicare situation, with limited funding, limited cost and the government unwilling to help supplement the doctors.....and the general outcome would have been less-than-desirable health care, but something better than nothing.

The curious thing is that no newspaper or media outlet will go back and mention theses events.

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