Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Just Show Us Your Gun

Quietly up in Washington state....there's a political effort to write a bill, which they will become law.  The bill?  Your local Sheriff, in Washington state, would have the authority to knock your door and demand entry to examine your assault weapons, without a search warrant signed by the local judge.  The Sheriff or his representative, would be able to see how you store the weapons.  The inspection would only occur once a year....he can't come back for a second visit, without a warrant.

Possibility of passing?  This is a big question.  Even some Democrats are shaking their heads that this really opens the door for cops to examine for just about anything in the future....without a warrant.....if it passes and is considered the 'norm'.

So you can imagine you have arrived home after a hard days work.  You are about to sit down and eat supper with the family.  A knock at the door.  You open to find a beefy and stocky Sheriff's deputy standing there.  He smiles and informs you this is an assault weapon's inspection, and he just needs a few minutes of time.

The various scenarios?

First, you say sure, and that gun collection is in the basement, and he needs to step lively because there's only one bulb down there, and you let loose four rattlesnakes to ensure no one messes with your guns.  The deputy is thinking you are joking....until he opens the door....shines a flashlight down, and there's sleeping rattlesnake at the bottom of the stairs.  He responds everything seems OK, and quickly leaves.  It's a rubber snake that you got from K-Mart, but no need to mention that to the deputy.

Second, you say fine, but refuse to diverge where in the house that the one assault weapon is located.  You cite a forgetful memory, and just invite him to spend three hours hunting through the house and garage.  You didn't want to mention that you keep it over the kitchen cabinet.  He eventually gets hostile and says you aren't playing by the rules.  You feel threaten and call the real cops to come escort deputy Joe away.

Third, you invite him in....but note that you keep it in six pieces and in six locations of the basement.  He eventually finds all six pieces and but then says they appear to be from three different of which is a 1945 Army assault rifle and the rest from some gun manufactured in the 1980s.  You simply stand there smiling and grinning.

Fourth, you close the door on the deputy as you note to just don't have time.  He gets upset....calls for back-up, and considers you a uncooperative owner.  You end up having a eight member SWAT team swoop down and take you prisoner.  The wife spends three hours trying to get you freed, and you end up with five charges and possible jail-time.  Sadly, you miss supper.

Fifth, and show the guy a fancy display case in the living room, with a sign of "live free or die" above it.  The cop is satisfied and he leaves...not realizing that it's a imitation Chinese copy of the real gun in the fancy display case.....which you keep the real gun behind the door that he entered and exited from.

The problem with this philosophy is that it doesn't solve much of any just gives the public a fake reassurance that the cops and real law will protect them.  The cop won't turn around to look at the fifteen year old kid in the house, who is nuts and views sixteen hours a day of hardcore violent computer games.  The cop won't check the drug cabinet to find that the eighteen year old daughter is doing a fair amount of illegally prescribed Vicodin.

And if the occupants of the house refuse entry?  It begs of cops facing tens of thousands of hostile home-owners....who suddenly arouse an entire neighborhood and forty neighbors come running with their weapons drawn and some NAM-Seattle version of a fire-fire erupts.  

In simple words....nothing good of this can come.

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