Saturday, 16 February 2013

Our Illegals

So you get born in Mexico.  On day one....for the rest of your life, unless you do something to change are Mexican.

On that day....that you walk up to the border with Texas, and sneak across the border in the middle of the night, and make your way to your cousin's trailer in are illegally in the US, but a Mexican citizen.

You can call yourself anything you want....but there's really only two titles that fit.  You are a Mexican citizen, or you are illegally in the US.  End of the story.

Course, you might live in some imaginary world and say that you have this other title or two...."undocumented" always sounds nice.  "Uninvited" sounds nice.  "Guest worker" sounds nice too.  But in the either are a Mexican citizen or illegally in the US.

I've sat and watched a segment or two this week on the news....where illegals got all peppy in discussions that you cannot use the word illegal.  Course, they will never say in public that they are a Mexican citizen.  They tend to avoid discussing that fact.

For some reason, they are never proud to note that they are Mexicans....until after they become an American citizen, and then want to remember their heritage.  The odd thing is.....they just weren't happy about things in Mexico and left.

I'm an absolute believer in guest-worker status.  It ought to be a simple one-hour process....fill out a form....get a ID at the border, and you suddenly have a six-to-twelve month period that you can take up jobs, pay taxes, earn real wages, and then return to Mexico for at least six months before you pick up the next guest-worker status.

The social security that they'd pay?  You'd transfer it at sixty-two years old over to the Mexican government and let the guy have everything he rightly earned.

Immigration?  If you want to open up the front door...fine....but's lets recruit the best and brightest folks first....bringing in scientists and businessmen....and not roofers or cooks.  The guest-worker program would provide all the cooks and roofers that you'd ever need.

The end-result?  Right's a soap opera, and I don't think there's much of a script or end to the story.

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