Thursday, 21 February 2013

Who Shot JR, Day 3,232

On 21 March of 1980....the show Dallas did an unusual thing.  They ended the season with JR being shot.  For an entire spring and summer, everyone sat there.....discussing the matter, and it weighed upon their mind....daily.  On 21 November of 1980....Dallas came to air the long-awaited episode....where we learned that JR's sister-in-law and mistress was the one who actually shot him.  It was finally relief.  We needed a conclusion.

Since the late 1990s....we've entered another phase of American life which relates fairly close to the JR shooting episode.....with Americans glued to the TV and wondering how this political saga ends.  Then you learn that the script changed slightly.....went into a different direction.....and you wait for the next end point, where it doesn't really end.

In my mind, we are now on day 3,232....of a political "Who Shot JR" episode. We watch the Today Show with Matt, and get a piece or two of political stuff.  We will ride into work.... listening to the some guy discuss the terrible state of the American economy.  Later in the day....we will listen to Rush Limbaugh.  As we drive home.....we catch more saga.  At home, we watch an hour of MSNBC and feel the terrible Republicans are destroying America.  Then later, we catch an hour of O'Reilly, to discover the President is destroying the nation.  And later on 60 Minutes, we find out that things seem OK, but they really aren't.

The nifty thing of 21 November 1980....was that we came to a conclusion.  Today, there just isn't a conclusion.  We simply go to tomorrow and start the next day of terrible woes, terrible T-Party gossip, terrible Democratic corruption, and terrible Republican water-sipping.

Tomorrow?  Day 3,233.  We can expect more of the same.

There's something wrong here....but unless you just turned it all off, and stuck to episodes of Andy Griffith, NCAA football, and the History Channel with the Amish Mafia.....there's no way to escape the madness.

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