Saturday, 23 March 2013

Getting in a Huff about the Huff

I generally regard the Huffington a loser commentary site.

This week, it came out that the Huff folks are looking for people who can relate special experiences in detail and be very specific about the episodes.  The topic?  Sex with aliens. Yeah, it's not a joke.  The Huff is seeking individuals who did lusty acts with aliens.

All of these interviews will eventually lead to an article written, and posted onto the Huff.  This will create chatter, and commentary....which all relate to people visiting the site and reading over alien hot stuff.

I sat and pondered over this.

On any given day in Bama....there are probably three hundred folks who will openly admit that they've had relations with aliens (not the Latino type, but real UFO-type aliens).  They will go into a fair amount of details....describing every moment....keeping you focused on the act.  After thirty minutes, you almost reach the point where you wish that you could find some alien gal and enjoy some kinky stuff.

The odds of these events described being true? Bama....if you believe it....then it has to be true. That's the sad thing about this story.

My humble guess is that a few folks will read the Huff Post over this....get into a fantasy situation, and for years....dream of having a Martian gal who does X, Y and Z.  Eventually, some TV network will agree, and work up a love interest deal...."Hot Martian Girl Talk", and it'll be a hit TV series.

So here we are....zombies, alien love situations, bigfoot, Doctor Phil, Amish mafia gangs, and fake political news.  Modern society, at its best.

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