Wednesday, 10 April 2013

A Little Knife Story

Shortly before noon today....all heck broke loose at Lone Star University.  The best that we can say is that some nut got loose with an exacto knife, and wounded around fourteen, perhaps even fifteen folks.

The attacker?  Don't know much about the guy.  Cops are still investigation mode ten hours later.

The threat of an exacto knife?  Years ago, I had to work in a briefing shop and we did graphics work. Every couple of months, we'd buy a box of exacto knives and kept them around the office.  There are a thousand and one ways to cut yourself....if you aren't careful.

Should we worry about exacto knives?  The fact that fourteen folks are wounded might play into this.  It is a mass knifing....if there was a FBI database for such.....but I seriously doubt that they'd collect such statistics.  Should we hustle Senators out to limit the sale of exacto knives?  Goodness, that's about as stupid as writing eight hundred pages of anti-gun legislation....which doesn't do much of anything.  The number of exacto knives out there in public hands?  Probably enough for every single American to have three each.

What's the jest of all of this?  Simply that we've got crazies in America, and you need to tote a baseball bat, a billy-club, a sock of quarters, or a Walther PPK pistol in our jacket.  When the crazies present themselves in a threatening fashion....put them six feet under.  If their relatives couldn't put them in a safe place, and if the government wouldn't do their job to put them under control.....then it's a job for each citizen.  It's the sad truth over this.

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