Tuesday, 2 April 2013

An Odd Political Group

In the last two years....as Greece kinda slid from one position to another, always downward....there was this oddball political party which kept picking up voters.  The Golden Dawn Party.....is now the third largest political party of Greece.  Their angle of politics?  Nazis.   Yes, pure and simple Nazi politics in 2013.

The curious thing is that in the last couple of months.....journalists have noted that wherever there are Greeks....even outside of Greece....the Golden Dawn Party is appearing.  This includes countries like Germany, Canada, and even the US.

The growth?  Well....the best you can say is that Greeks feel betrayed by all the financial screw-ups and the lack of help from other countries.  It's kind of like the feeling of Germany in the 1920s.

What would Hitler say?  I'm guessing he'd be surprised that massive growth like this occurred in Greece. It wasn't one of those countries that you'd expect something like this.

Expansion beyond Greek society?  That's the next question.  If they showed up in some Greek community in New Orleans.....could they interest the locals?  This, you just don't know.  With the various political games being played out in the US, and hostile nature now of the public.....you could see ten percent of the US population drifting over to their political agenda.

In the end.....Nazis, on the rise again.

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