Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Just Observations

There's a county school down in Florida.....Deland High School....where the locals got into a finance issue, and kinda let their janitor staff go.  The idea was that they would transition over to private contracts, instead of actual employees of the school.'s a funny thing.  This hiring of private folks hasn't started, and apparently won't start until this fall.  The present old folks working there (employees of the school)?  They've been taking tons of sick leave.  This past week, the health inspectors for the county came out.  They wrote the school up for fifty-odd violations.  If it'd been a restaurant or bar....they probably would have closed the operation down.  To get by, the county is shifting some resources around and trying to clean up the violation issues.  I sat there a parent does all this effort to have a clean respectable place for their kids, and sends them off to school....where it's the most unsanitary place on this earth.  Something doesn't add up on this deal.

The Air Force came out and said their finance issues because of sequestration are so bad....that around sixteen flying squadrons will be stepping down and not flying until October.  What this means is that a bunch of pilots will be sitting around and mostly idle.  Having spent all those years in the Air Force.....I can imagine the scene.  Captain Joe and Captain Cal sit at the squadron desks....discussing bear hunting techniques for eight hours out of the day.  Occasionally, Lt Col Marty comes around, and discusses his best choice of bait for trout.  Major Dunn comes through and recites Shakespeare lines.  And Lt Jack actually brings his car into the squadron warehouse and rebuilds the engine with the help of Sarge and his five helpers.  Everyone will be playing softball and volleyball.  Golf tournaments will occur daily.  Everyone will sit in amazement at the free time they have.

Finally, Kentucky Senator McConnell.....says that someone bugged his election strategy meeting from months ago.  They are ll worked up that a secret recording was made.  The odds?  Probably a hundred percent chance.  All of these handheld devices can now easily fit in a suit pocket and record an hour of chat.  The answer for future strategy meetings for the Republicans?  I'd suggest the meeting members all enter a room with no clothing and just a pad and pencil.  You can imagine six Republicans....male and female.....all sitting around in the nude and discussing voting strategy.  It's the only way to protect the secrecy required.  

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