Wednesday, 17 April 2013

The Immigration Reform Spiral

For the last two weeks....immigration reform has been discussed and hyped up by every major news organization.  The 'gang of eight' episode is it....all tied into one or die.

Well....there's this little piece that came out in the last day or explain how the proposed reform would work.

There are these little triggers to must order for any of the mechanism in ten years to occur, and you, the illegal, get your American citizenship.

First, Homeland security has just six months to create, fund, and start a real border security plan.  If they fail....the whole mess stops right there.  You can imagine the boys over at Homeland Security....sitting there and drinking coffee, and just not willing to be pushed around on some lousy mandated six-month schedule.

Second, Homeland Security must fund the border fence construction, with a six-month window to develop and implement this.  The odds?  Less than fifty percent.  Course, they will plan and implement forty-four different bridge projects with no real urgency.

Third, Homeland Security must somehow, by a miracle perhaps....achieve a one-hundred percent awareness and ninety percent success in high-risk areas of the border area.  They are given five years to achieve this.  The odds....I'd give less than twenty percent chance of a success rate here.

Fourth?  A universal E-verify program must be implemented within the next ten years.  This means it actually has to work.  A work-visa program also has to be in place within the same period.

My humble opinion is that this whole reform thing by the 'gang of eight' is mostly bogus, and just for show.  It trips out the President's summer agenda and leaves the rest of 2013 for mostly budget talks.  As for you illegal folks?  Don't bet too much on any success with this.  Mostly because of Homeland Security.....the success of this mess is really screwed up.

To fix this?  Well....if it's like my roof.....I'd hire a couple of illegals to run Homeland Security, and get things fixed up the right way.  But that would upset some folks.

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