Thursday, 11 April 2013

The Newest Invention

I sat and read the article about five times.  And I've come to ponder a good bit over it.

The story?  This Iranian inventor has this concept.  The idea is a device, which takes readings from your body, then with complex algorithms ...predicts five to eight years into the future....of this individual.  It will predict the future life of the person you are testing.

The engineer developing this?  An Iranian guy, who runs the state operation Center for Strategic Inventions.  He does claim to have around 180-odd inventions or patents to his name.

So I pondered over this.  Basically, it's probably like a lie-detector and you ask around fifty questions.  At the end of this, you can say that the person is aggressive and will get ahead in life (or so they believe). Or it will determine that they are an idle-type, and not likely to amount to much.  Losers or winners....the machine would likely give you some determination of what category you fit into.

An actual predictor of the future? have to think sit and think.  He is telling you the future.  It just may not be as extensive as you think.  It won't tell you that your wife will spend all your money, or that your company will go bankrupt, or that your next car (a Chrysler) will be a loser.  It just looks at your personality and marks you as a winner or loser.

A Nobel Prize for the guy? Bama, we have around 10,000 folks who can talk with you for an hour and then make the same winner/loser prediction, and there's hardly any algorithims running in their estimations.

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