Friday, 12 April 2013

What Paul Harvey Would Have Said About Gun Laws

Occasionally, I will pick up my 'Paul Harvey-pen', and write a piece that only he would visualize and speak.  Today is one of those days.

In the beginning, God made the law, and it was very simple.  Thy shalt not kill.

There wasn't a 60-Senator majority required.  There wasn't a necessity for a President to criss-cross the nation in a jet to speak up about that law.  Journalists didn't appear nightly to speak for it or against it.  Morning Joe didn't observe any statistics for the soccer moms to help in explaining the law.  Fox News didn't take God on as this being too meddlesome into life or liberty.  And TV advertisements weren't necessary with kids, grandmothers, or cartoon figures talking up God's law.

Mankind went on....doing its business....and occasionally killing folks.

So then came state governments who conjured up punishments for hopefully put fear of severe punishment as enough to fix this problem of killing folks.  There were degrees of murder now.  You could have accidentally killed a person and been punished in a very limited way.  You could have committed murder while in a jealous rage, and perhaps gotten a lesser punishment.  Democrats and Republicans talked up the situations, and provided the laws....each differently....state by state.  Trial lawyers were happy because it gave them various angles to defend their clients....guys who murdered people.

Mankind went on.....doing its business....and occasionally killing folks.

So the federal government came into play.  More interpretations of murder came along.  If you disliked blacks and killed a black....that turned out to be worse than regular murder.  If you came to dislike or hate gays, and killed a gay....that was way worse than regular plain murder.  Again, these Senators came into play.....making this all an effort to write things to lessen murder.

Mankind went on.....doing its business....and occasionally killing folks.

Then the government came along and declared that if you were a woman who was mistreated by your husband, and you came to shoot him one day....stone cold dead, then your punishment was a lot less than regular plain murder.  We even wrote up laws that the President could kill folks, even Americans, who got off into the Jihad business, and that was pretty acceptable.

Mankind went on.....doing its business....and still occasionally killing folks.

Here we are today.  We are writing the best and most finely tuned laws to ensure fewer killings.  Strangely enough, out of three hundred million least two hundred-ninety-nine million, nine-hundred-ninety-five thousand folks are capable of carrying out the first law handed down by God each year.

So we basically write law after effect roughly five thousand Americans each year.  There are probably over one hundred thousand pages of American law to cover various killings and shootings each year, and even one brief paragraph out of the Bible.....and it's still not really enough to change things.

Mankind, especially five thousand Americans per year........will continue doing their business....and occasionally killing folks.  Even God couldn't write a tougher or more direct law to change that.

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