Saturday, 27 July 2013

Simply Observations

The US Department of Education has shown up at Queen Creek High School in Arizona for an investigation.  It's hard to say what investigative powers they have....but they have deemed that 'Redneck Days' (a student thing) might be worthy of a federal investigation.  This all comes up because some kids dressed like those guys on Duck Dynasty.  You can imagine these guys and gals in suits....sitting in a conference room....asking questions of the administrator, teachers, and students about redneckness.  It's hard to say what exactly they want out of this.  Sadly, if they'd gone to ten thousand schools around the south, they could get a pretty lecture on redneck living, a fish fry at lunch, a truck ride through Bankhead Forest, a fifty pound bag of peanuts as a gift, and a chance to pick a bushel of strawberries.  You can sense some federal law coming out of redneck behavior at any US school, and a bunch of folks getting more frustrated with the federal government.  The fear of the government?  Redneck profiling.  Yep, and you just can't go around profiling folks into this category.

The defense is rounding up its case with Private Manning (the WikiLeaks leaker from the Army).  Their key emphasis?  Private Manning is absolutely dedicated to his duty....but they couldn't really explain how he found the lack of dedication to hold secret material secret.  I doubt if the defense team really had any four-star stuff to say and this was the best he could utter.  The verdict.....early next week.

In four days, things get interesting in Bama.  The new law allowing all employees to bring their weapons to work (but not inside) will become effective.  You can imagine the morning of the first......probably over one million Bama guys and gals will tote some pistol or shotgun in the car, and talk over the weapon at lunch with co-workers.  By late afternoon.....discussions will center on recommendations and positives of their gun.  And by quitting time.....around eighty folks will go out and show their guns to co-workers....with thirty-two rounds accidentally fired in various parking lots across the state.  Cops will all react, get hyper about that many guns on the roads of Bama, and it'll turn into some state-wide discussion about the evils of having guns in public.

Some science guys have gotten enough data to say concretely....that a full-moon disturbs your sleep.  They can't explain why.....but the numbers are there.  It doesn't affect everyone, and you can predict that eventually.....some people will be identified as "moonie" (the guys affected), and it'll be some negative status tag on your life from that point on.

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