Friday, 27 September 2013

Legends of a Marginal Nature

I noticed off Yahoo News today that someone had sat down and pondered upon the remaining three years of the Administration, and how it might still 'float' with positives.  There were nine scenarios put up on the board.  Then the writer wrote the reality of each, and most all of the scenarios failed in some way.

Foreign policy isn't going the way to give the President any legendary status after 2016.

So far, the economic recovery isn't anything much to brag about.  The DOW may look great and bank failures may have slowed....but jobs aren't coming back.

Obama Care?  As is, without any significant's more of a bumpy ride with marginal success tied to it.  Maybe it could serve as a legend vehicle....but only if changes were enacted along the way.  It's hard to envision that with the current House and Senate.

The speeches?  They've come and gone.  Somewhere at the end of the first year....the four-star speeches spiraled off and you mostly get some gimmick two-star speech from the President these days.  No one is going to quote these or remember these in a decade.

Crisis management?  It's best not to bring this up or even pretend it's a legend piece of the puzzle.

Peace-maker?  The Noble Prize was for nothing....less we ever forget the generous nature of the Noble dimwits.  There's not much to talk about....unless you got all peppy about great new relations with the Muslims of the world, and pretended that we were in hog-heaven.

In the end, we have a Bush II-era.  Our expectations were great, but marginally ever met.

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