Thursday, 19 September 2013

The Frankfurt Car Show

I went off to the Frankfurt Auto Show yesterday....probably the fifth time I've been to it in my life.

As things go, it's a five-star experience.  You see the future, the trends, the sales jazz, and the crap with cars.

So I walked way with five basic observations.

First, as companies hire up these model gals....with fancy uniforms to make the introduction to everyone.

The gal is always scantily dressed, and looking like some model off the ramp.  I'm often shocked that guys stand stand there and ask stupid questions, and likely get stupid answers from the model gal.

The major companies all pay for a special fashion designer to really hype up the gals...fancy shoes, fancy lipstick, and lots of flesh.  Whoever started this trend (years ago).....really aren't helping much when it comes to selling the new cars.  But, it's always interesting to see how far BMW, Chevy, or Honda will demonstrate their hottest models.  
 The sign on the left?  Well, these are huge halls, and they have a trail laid out, with all of the 500 cars on some built-up platform.  So you walk along, and have to take a step up....if you want to get close that car.

Every single brand in the eight different halls.....just had this lip-up-platform, and  you obviously noticed it without any warning.  The Chevy guys?  Well....sadly, they all had "vorsicht stufe!".....which means "warning".

Yep, the only company in the whole complex....that had to put up a warning sign.  Go figure.

This red SUV?  It's a Chinese brand.  The odd thing?  If you gaze at the hood and estimate footage from the bumper to the driver's's roughly fifteen feet.

I stood there for a good three minutes, walking the distance, and just wandering if this was some gimmick.  Course, the positive is that in a got tons of open space to absorb the crash.

But how would you know the right distance to turn or get ahead of things at the curve?

 The Renault to the left?  It's a battery car called the Twizy.  Roughly 8,000 Euro ($10k).  It's a curious car which would make some guys interested.  The problem?  One passenger, and enough room for six cases of beer behind him.  That's it.  It's ok for going to work, but for anything else?  Zero.

The batteries are under the driver, and the door flips up....if you can imagine that part.  If you lived in a might be a positive.  But it's hard to say if it'd sell well.

Then I come to the Telsa folks.  They had a small display at the show....just three cars, and maybe eight 'talkers'.

I'm of the mind that we are now beyond a trend, and that battery-powered cars will be the norm over the next least in Germany.  I'd make a humble guess and say by 2023 at least twenty percent of all car owners.....will have a battery car.

Telsa?'s a bunch of engineer guys who have flipped the establishment and challenged design.

The picture?  This is the back of a Telsa....where you'd throw groceries or two punk kids.  The show-gals were quick to forbid adults from sitting in the little area (warning stickers that the seats would only hold a certain weight).

Somehow, these battery charge-up stations, and increasing gas cost situations....will make this battery deal seem acceptable.

Course, where all this electrical power will come from?  That's a curious question.

That was my four-hour trip for of the future, and trends yet to come.

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