Saturday, 26 October 2013

If Happiness Could be Legislated

I read an awful lot of international news.  Today, I came across a five-star story....quietly hidden, and probably only covered by a couple of papers in the US.

Venezuela has announced....via a government decision and supported completely by the present President/Dictator-in-Charge.....that from this day forward....there will be a Ministry of Happiness.  It's actually the Ministry of Supreme Social Happiness.....if you care about the entire title.

What the President will say in commentary is that this agency will combine all the various programs that were run singularly, by various managers, and in various ways....overlapped.  He didn't say it'd save government funding, or improve anything....just that staging them all under one roof...was a better government idea.

So you'd sit and ponder over this....a government agency....Ministry of Happiness....fixing all social ills.

Yeah, it was sarcastically received by the public and generally laughed about.  Folks in Venezuela have a pretty good sense of humor....even in dire, chaotic, and downward times.  Most probably sat there and asked if it was a Constitutional thing....that people ought to be happy.  Some probably asked if a happiness tax somewhere down the line for rich folks to pay.  A few probably asked if a fairness scale would be invented for some folks to be happier than other folks.

Would something like this work in America?  You've got over a hundred different cultural "clans", groups, or societies in America.  Balancing some happiness right upon all of them, and making it work day in and day out....would be physically impossible.  Some folks would want no government involvement in their lives to be happy.  Some folks would want maximum government involvement in their lives to be happy.  Some folks would agree to be happy....only if the NCAA bowl business was settled in a 'fair' fashion.

All of this happiness crap brings me to this odd conclusion.  Two or three years from now....the Nobel Peace Prize committee has to select some dimwit for the award.  Whoever is the head minister of the Happiness Ministry....might have achieved a couple of impossible tasks, and might accidentally impress the Nobel idiots win the award.  Course, it'd be a shock and the guy would fall over in a fit of laughter if this did occur.

We all need happiness.....but having the government deliver a bit hard to imagine.

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