Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Just the Way It Works

This is the way that it works.

Gus, Barney, and Wilber all got peppy and enthusiastic about politics and decide to help Senator Snuffy run for President.  Senator Snuffy wins, and the boys are invited to be "on the team" in Washington.

So in early January, Gus, Barney and Wilber arrive.  Gus ends up as a political appointee at the Agricultural Department....but he'd admit he knows nothing about farming, agriculture or economics.  Barney gets placed over at the State Department, but has a degree in journalism and has only traveled internationally to Aruba.  Wilber arrives at the CIA to be a political appointee, but has only background in IT sales and the used car industry.

The three spend spend their initial month....getting accustomed to their fourteen by twenty foot office.  They ask for newer furniture.  They want the state-of-the-art Blackberry free of charge via the gov't job.  They are frustrated over the sixteen minute walk from the parking lot to their offices.  They hate the forty to sixty minute drive into work and continually talk of taking Metro.

The permanent folks try their best to introduce the three to the "real world".  Briefings are passed around.  Knowledge packages are developed.  Somewhere in the mess....Wilber and Barney get a highly classified package explaining some very critical and important government programs.....all sensitive in nature and complex to the degree that you need an entire day to read forty pages.  Wilber and Barney basically spend ten minutes reading the info, and toss it to the side.

Senator Snuffy?  He's asking for new furniture, talking big to lobbyists, getting into a new golf schedule (three afternoons a week), writing more speeches to make his blessed voters happy, and mostly missing introduction briefings to various programs that he ought to know but doesn't care about.

Across the nation....every four to eight years....we repeat this process.  We bring in idiots who get political appointee status and sit there.....thinking they run the actual process.....when in reality, without knowledge or understanding.....the process is running them.

This week, we had some senators confess that they just didn't know nothing about surveillance of international leadership.....even though they sit through the briefings and get weekly update status reports.

We had a President admit that he just didn't know anything about surveillance of international leadership......even though he sat there through briefings and got weekly update status reports.

In three years, a fair sum of these folks will move on and a new naive crew will arrive.  In the Senate, we will continue to rely upon some dimwits who claim they know all....when they know nothing.

There's something wrong here.  But it's best not to say it in public....or you'd just get folks upset.

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