Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Reality of School

In high school, I suspect my last year of high school civics....was fairly wasted.  You memorized as much as possible for the tests, then forgot most everything within a month or two.

The graph to the right is fairly true. The term 'fascist' was always mentioned to Italy's World War II government.  The term 'communist' was always applied to the Soviet Union or Cuba.

From the entire last year of high school, there was probably eight minutes applied to defining socialism.  I don't think the term libertarian was ever mentioned.  Anarchists?  That always led to the guys who killed the Hapsburg prince, and triggered WW I.  Tyranny?  It could only be spoken.....if woven into the Revolutionary War.

A kid in today's high school history classes?  He's likely getting some liberal teacher's view of the world.....all condensed into a format of easy eight-word sentences, with graphical displays.  Poor people are poor because of rich banks.....bankruptcy is triggered by greedy business operations....and life would be better if food production was controlled and run by the government.
The kid finishes high school....goes off into the world, and within a couple of years....has discovered a good bit of information that wasn't mentioned in school.  He or she....begins to ask questions and grasp simple economic concepts that would have taken an hour in school to get across.

Eventually, we come to this conclusion that high school was more or less a total waste after the ninth grade.  You should have been in trade school by age sixteen or in some college prep situation....rather than wasting three years on miscellaneous information that didn't really teach you much.

On the positive side?  We employ 200,000 teachers in this useless three year period of high school.....and help to keep them employed and teaching nothing. It's like teacher welfare, and it's a positive thing to keep those poor folks working at something.....rather than replacing transmissions, selling insurance, or managing a Piggly Wiggly.

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