Thursday, 24 October 2013

Simply Observations

It hasn't really been seen much in US news or such....but in's an item in the top ten.  Saudi Arabia and it's King (the only guy who matters there).....are peeved at the US.  They've run down the list of goofy failures that they've seen the US make over the past five years.  From the handling of Egypt, to the Syrian threats that deteriorated into a treaty of sorts with Russia.  The King kinda feels that some promises were made and broken....which in Saudi Arabia.....your word is a vow.  Well....the Saudis are now looking at other options and putting the US relationship on the backburner.  For this week and this doesn't amount to much.  A year from now?  This might come back to be a major problem.

The Germans are getting all peppy now since they found out that the NSA guys were possibly sneaking around and viewing traffic and calls to Chancellor Merkel's phone.  The Chancellor called up President Obama to get a reading on this, and the President assured her that she was not a target.  Course, when the NSA guys's absolute maximum and all eighty million Germans were dumped into a bucket.  Last week, it was the French President who called and got all peeved.  The Mexican President also has laid into some negative talk about his phonecalls.  At this pace, we might eventually get around to Tonga, and complaints that the NSA was sweeping Tonga's King's calls.

This healthcare mess.....has a strange sense to it if you think about the normal way of life for an American.  If you needed a don't go to a government site to find all the local barbers and their cost.  If you needed a transmission don't go to a government site to find all the local transmission guys and their rates.  If you needed a shot of booze  at 11PM, you don't go to a government site to find all the bars in your neighborhood.  For some odd reason.....the government decided that they had to be in the middle of giant mess.....running it for you....and guiding you to some decision.  Maybe in the bigger sense of thing, that was the wrong strategy.

The bigger problem of the health care mess?  Even if the mandate is delayed....thousands of current healthcare policies are being cancelled per week now across the US.  These are policies which no longer meet the government's "standard".  All of these people need to find a new policy by 1 January....which is barely ten weeks away.  In the bigger sense of things....they really needed this stupid software platform to work.....guiding to the best and cheapest policy possible.  Now?  They more or less have to browse on their own.....ask stupid questions....and work up a major decision in the next two months.  It's not a pleasant situation to be in.

Finally, somewhere in the midst of the news....there's talk of 700 contractors who work for IRS, and owe roughly five million in back taxes.  No one is talking about firing them or suspending's just that they work for IRS and owe back taxes.  I imagine if you asked the White House....they'd admit a dozen members of the White House staff owe back taxes as well.  If you asked CNN about their journalists.....someone would admit that a couple of the CNN guys owe back taxes.  The list goes on and on.  We might all be surprised to find that ten percent of the nation owes back taxes.

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