Tuesday, 29 October 2013

The Farm and Life Skills

Growing up on a farm in Bama....often gave you life skills....that would shock you later in life as having massive value in the real world.

If you go cheap and buy everything for your farm in a cheap fashion....then you spend an inordinate amount of time working maintenance issues and rigging something to work when it just won't work.  The same is true in the real world.

If you have a 400-lb calf that is acting crazy in the chute.....having you in the chute area isn't that smart.  The same is true in the real world if you are in a bar with some drunk dimwits who are acting crazy at 1AM.

If you are waiting for some Auburn-educated county agricultural agent come out and advise you on the solution of something, and the best he can do is hand you a pamphlet....then there's something wrong.  The same is true in the real world when some political figure says he's out to help you.

There are fourteen thousand ways to get accidentally killed on a farm.  In the real world, curiously enough, there are fourteen thousand ways to get accidentally killed.  The only difference is that you as a kid on a farm....have to be thinking twice as fast.

Credit and debt on a farm....are a major cause of frustration and entanglement with bankruptcy lawyers.  Strangely enough....credit and debt in real life....basically go down the same avenue.

Maintaining decent relations with your neighbors and relatives on a farm....is worth a million bucks when all heck breaks loose.  The same is true with real life.

A six-dollar repair on a $40,000 piece of farm equipment....might be all you need, and thus avoid paying some fancy mechanic $500 just to advise you of the nature of the repair.  It works the same way in real life. Duct tape works in all situations.

Living a soap-opera lifestyle as a farmer....mostly leads to problems and issues.  The same is true in real life.

Stress, frustration, and worry are the greatest threats to a farmers sanity.  The same is true in real life.

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