Thursday, 24 October 2013

The Glitch

Glitch is the word that we've heard a lot about over the past two weeks.

Historically, the word experts say that it originally came out of Germany, and meant 'slippery' when dealing with modern technology....not always meaning computers....but anything modern.

Over the past thirty-odd years.....we've come hear it spoken mostly with computers and IT situations.

Glitches happen.....then they somehow fall into a solution phase....then finally, they are fixed.  We typically don't ask a lot of questions....just accepting the fact that our computer dude (Snuffy) rebooted the server and tweaked some package to work right.

Having grown up on a farm, I'm accustomed to glitches.  A glitch is where the baler had some issue with the twine and now it's all tangled up and you need seventy minutes and a pocketknife to fix the issue.  Or, it's when you bought cheap Indian-made barb wire and your cows discovered it's not really that sharp and they drag down the fence.  Or, it's when you bought such-and-such part for the discover that you put the part in backwards and ruined the $700 replacement item in sixty seconds.

Glitches can be uncomfortable and drag you down emotionally.  Hours and days could be wasted on a glitch.  Money could be poured down a glitch black-hole.  Experts from around your neighborhood could arrive at your doorstep to advise you on your glitch and how they'd rectify the situation.  There are foundations that exist today....mostly to settle your nerves on national glitches.

The amusing thing?  There are some folks who live for glitches.  Their passion for a glitch.  They are engineer-like individuals, who marvel at a glitch, and how it developed from absolute nothing to a unstoppable force.  One could say that American society lives upon glitches today.  If glitches didn't occur, then the NSA wouldn't be able to view fifty million French phonecalls daily.  If glitches stopped overnight, we wouldn't be amused by the government and it's untidy way of running things.

So as the day develops and glitches mount.....don't get overwhelmed.  Glitches are a part of your life.  You have to remember this....somewhere in the great beginning, there was this little planet with a wobble, and a bunch of space rocks hit it.....with hydrogen somewhere in the midst of this mess, and a glitch of sorts occurred....where life on Earth would eventually settle.  We.....are a glitch....and mostly proud of that.

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