Tuesday, 22 October 2013

When News isn't News

Last week, while on vacation....I watched several TV reports and read through several newspaper accounts of how the Republican Party is going to break up into two parties.  I sat there laughing for the most part.  You have dimwits who are mostly Democrats in nature, both in politics and journalism....stating this belief.....telling you that they believe in this break-up.

It's kinda like some Catholic priest telling  you that the Baptist Church is in terrible woes and folks are breaking off into other sect-groups.

Course, a normal guy would bring up the fact that the old-style Democrats of the 1970s....really don't fit with the Democratic Party of 2013.  Or how the  union guys of the 1960s....are out of touch with the union guys of this era.  Or you could bring up how journalists of this era can't conduct investigative journalism like the journalists of the 1960s.

I hate to suggest this.....but news really isn't news anymore.

More than half of the journalists around today....are mostly cheerleaders who have a degree in something but it's not really journalism.  They are pretenders of some noted variety.

By November of 2014.....some idiot will ask the journalists if the Republican Party has broken up into second and third parties.....which will trigger the journalist to think for a second and respond 'no'.  They will become defensive and say that they had someone suggest this to them, and don't remember who it was.

Perhaps someone should start a rumor that the Democratic Party has already broken up five times and gathered their folks back into the fold as each election has occurred.  As much as old-style southern Democrats hate the national party of today....they stick to them.  As much as environmentalists hate the national party.....they stick with them.  As much as union guys hate the national party.....they stick with them.  As much as women hate the national party....they stick with them.

Yeah, it's really not news, if  you think about it enough.

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Don said...

Much of what tries to pass as news these days isn't news because reporters no longer report. They editorialize.