Thursday, 31 October 2013

Wiggle Room?

Over the past month, I noticed the term "wiggle room" being used a lot in business reports, political chaos news, and intellectual chit-chat.  What is wiggle room?'s not a clear term.  It generally means that you made a bad decision....had limited knowledge or information....and wish that you'd had more to make a better decision.  Wiggle room really isn't defined in the way that a engineer or farmer or mechanic would enjoy.

For an engineer....there is no wiggle room....things are absolute in nature.

For a either fits right, runs right, or it's a utter failure.

For a doctor....wiggle room typically means he's guessing your ailment and it's something between a cold and cancer.

For a political figure....wiggle room means that he will tax the heck out of you, but all it's all good tax and will generally be returned back to you....someday....somehow.

For a dentist, wiggle room means he thinks one of your roots is dying and he's guessing which tooth it is, and hoping he picks the right one to remove.

For a cop, wiggle room typically means you can go forty-eight in a forty-five mph zone.  But if you go forty-nine.....there's no more wiggle.

For a grocery operation....wiggle room tends to mean you advertise your goods as fresh...but avoid saying just how fresh.

For a farmer....wiggle room typically means the fence meets general specifications....but might not be strong enough for a new steer you brought in from Texas.

I enjoy watching intellectuals appear on TV and give magnificent and dynamic lectures on something, then hint that there has to be wiggle room.    It generally means all bets are off and you shouldn't gamble nothing on their chit-chat.

It'd be great if Congress could outlaw wiggle room.....but it'd mean that the Democrats in the Senate would have to agree, and that would never happen.....mostly because they need make things work.

Yes, you can imagine a society existing today....without wiggle.  It'd be a terrible thing....I guess.

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