Friday, 22 November 2013

A Procedure Killing the Republic

Harry Reid sat down and this week decided....enough was enough....with this filibuster business.  The new rule?  Fifty-one senators can shut down conversation over a topic.....not sixty.  Some folks are upset by the deal....mostly Republicans.

In 1776, if you had seen the massive degree of frustration with people and how filibusters would be would have invented some totally different method of representation.

To be honest, filibuster is simply a dynamic argument used with useless talk things to 'death'.  There is no real conclusion....other than folks being tired at the end.

I've seen the commentary on how this was an "art-form", or how it's been around for years and years.

Would filibuster work in a university?  No.  Would filibuster work in a business?  No.  Would filibuster work in a church?  No.  The plain simple truth is that we've manipulated the filibuster into some mythical beast that won't work anywhere else in society.

You can imagine some guy coming home one night, with his wife about to level some massive argument onto him or his behavior, and he launches into a filibuster.....talking for hours and hours....till the wife is fed up and just goes to bed angry.  Frustration sets in eventually.

We are wasting valuable time in Congress and the Senate.  Announce bills, give folks a week to read them, then open the floor for a day or two of speeches.  End it with a vote.  It either passes or it fails.  End of the story.  We don't need some dimwit standing there and talking for hours over nothing, then pretending that he is helping democracy or the republic.  He's just plain wasting time.

Maybe there was a time when filibusters made sense, and they were used on the rarest of occasions....mostly to entertain folks and to make a point.  We are at a point where it's more of a comic routine and not a tool of a republic.

My only issue with this episode?  It took Harry Reid to fix the problem.  That's the bad part about this that I have a problem with.

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