Tuesday, 19 November 2013


Sometimes....you look at a story, and you just can't see any truth to it.  And sometimes....you can sense that things are about to unfold in a lousy miserable way.

The Times of Israel.....has printed up a story that the Obama Administration has been in secret talks with Iran for at least a year, over the nuke business.

The chief 'talker'?  Well....it's chief of staff Valarie Jarrett.

Some news media sites out of DC are simply avoiding the story.  Some are picking it up and asking for talk from the White House....who says mostly nothing.  Internationally, it's tossed around on page two of most newspapers, and they are asking themselves....if this is a bogus story, or another 'work of wonder' from the Obama Administration.  

Jarrett's skills for such diplomatic mission?  Zero.

Jarrett knows next to nothing on nuclear energy or nuclear weapons.  What she knows....amounts to the same knowledge that your barber has on nuke weapons.

Jarrett's vast expertise with international diplomacy?  Zero.

Jarrett's experience at dealing with Iranians?  No one can cite any insider knowledge or past accomplishments.

So, you are left with an odd story.  Would the Iranians meet with some White House staff member over the State Department folks?  Did Hillary know about this?  Does John Kerry know about this?

In some ways, I'm hoping it's a bogus story.  If we suddenly find out about some treaty being worked, and it all comes back to Jarrett....no one much in the international community is going to buy on the legit nature of it.  It'll become joke number forty-four of the administration that the French laugh over.

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