Saturday, 16 November 2013

Government Like a Soap Opera

It's like a soap opera of sorts.

It won't be page one news, and no network will really chat much on it.  The President has recommended his pick for the ambassador's job in Hungary.  It's not final....that would come up shortly.

The pick?  Collen Bradley Bell.

Yeah, you don't really know the name.

She's the producer of the Bold and Beautiful...the soap that comes on in the afternoon, for CBS.

What can be that Ms Bell helped to round up roughly two million (the higher of estimates by various news media sources....some rate it closer to half-a-million) for the re-election campaign of President Obama.

You can imagine the big names of Hungary....getting this news.  Soap opera producer.....arriving ambassador.

The talents here?'s best not to ponder upon things like this.

Course, most folks may not realize this.....but the Bold and the Beautiful is presented on forty-odd networks around the include a network in Hungary.  Maybe it'll make sense to some Hungarians....who always enjoy the dramatic of operas.

Who knows....maybe fantastic new creative ideas suddenly pour in the mind of Ambassador Bell....she returns to Hollywood in three years, and adds a tall Hungarian stranger character to the soap opera.  Maybe she might even see the brilliance of adding a Russian dentist, a French hairdresser, an Italian pastry chef, and a Turkish mafia thug.

Some folks would ask stupid if we really need a soap opera producer for a US ambassador?  The truth is.....we could do worse, and that's pretty sad to admit.

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