Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Lost Memories?

A number of years ago....I watched the movie "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind".  It was the only Jim Carrey movie that I'd recommend to anyone to pay money and see (a couple are worth watching on free-TV, but the rest are one-star movies with nothing of value).

It was an odd story.  Guy meets gal and automatically is attracted to her.  There's some chemistry in this odd meeting.  Minutes pass, and you realize that they've said a lot of thing between them for an accidental meeting.

The movie progresses in an odd way....telling the middle of the story, then the beginning, and then reverting back to an ending.  Basically, Jim's character had gone to some shop and gotten memory erasure done.  It was offered as medical process....guaranteed to work.  Jim walked out and went through various issues, then accidentally met the girl....who'd done the same thing with memory erasure.

The ending?  They somehow bump into each other and restart the romance over again.

I sat there in the last two minutes and realized the whole ending, and basically needed to rewind the whole story and watch the movie a second time.  It was a great story.

Well....this week, some guys from science came out and noted that they've approached the idea of a chemical treatment, where memories would be erased.

They've tested people and know that people have a natural chemical way that they can erase some memories on their own, or create new fake memories.  It's a proven science fact now.

The deal?  Science needs at least a decade or two.....but they will come to this point where you go to a doctor and prove your sincere need to erase the last year or two.

You contemplate this.  A bad marriage with a gal who was'd like to forget the eighteen months.  Your golden retriever "Flip" who finally passed on at ten'd like to forget his death.  The bankruptcy of your little business...mostly due to bad advice from your'd like to forget.  The bad affair with the dry-cleaner lady for fifteen weeks who took you for two thousand'd like to forget.  The encounter with a minister who was a nutcase and convincing you of moral'd like to forget.  The list goes on and on.

You walk up the issue, and get the three hour treatment.  Some drug is used to get you into a trance.  Some gal named Shelia is talking up fake stuff replacing the old actual memory.  You wake up.....get a cup of coffee....and quietly walk out feeling refreshed.  You drive home and sleep ten hours straight....never thinking of the bad stuff that was there before.

It sounds great.

The problem I see....Shelia (the gal at the forget-it-shop) will use a fake memory story.  Shelia will tell you about a trip to Coos Bay back in 1997, and a fair-haired chatty lady who enticed you at some diner.  It's a fake story, but good enough to replace the two years of bad marriage that you'd like to forget.

The fake memory starts to pop up.  Once a week....then once a day.  At some point, you get in the car and drive for three days to Coos Bay.  You look for the diner, and find it.  You keep talking to the ladies at the counter about some fair-haired chatty lady from the late 1990s.  No one remembers her.

The memory starts to bother you.  You return home....silently in love with a non-existent diner gal from Coos Bay.

Eventually....after five years of yearning to find this pay another $1,999 to the clinic to help you forget the chatty diner lady in Coos Bay from 1997. Now?  They insert a new fake memory.....of you traveling to Ireland during this time and meeting a red-haired lass named 'Sissy', who drunk booze like a true Irishman, and tempted you with a wicked smile and naughty grin.

After a year or've got to return to Ireland, but the truth've never been there...ever.  And there is no Sissy.

Over and over, we will become a society of fake memories, and trying always to forget things.....only to remember the fake memories and get ourselves deeper into trouble.

If you ask me.....this is not some wise concept.  It's like digging a septic tank hole in a just get deeper into a mess with no positive outcome.

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