Saturday, 16 November 2013

The Asset Worth Money

Here in Europe....the isle of Malta....a EU member and regular best described as the "poor kid on the block".

You see, there's just not that much of a upscale economy there.  They don't manufacture anything of great desire of other European countries.  They have a very limited agricultural situation.  And tourism just isn't drawing the numbers to make anyone substantially better off.

So the folks of Malta sat there and thought about what they had.....which might be sellable.  The solution?  As a member of the EU.....they were European, and thus.....citizenship was a marketable asset.

They've devised this scheme.  You got 650,000 Euro (roughly $850,000)?  You can buy citizenship from Malta.

Just forty idiots....would bring in roughly thirty million dollars a year.

You can kinda guess the attitude and view of the Germans or Dutch.  It just isn't going to be a positive thing.

What Malta that they will review the applications, and check folks out.  No criminals.  No murderers.  No crazy folks.

What this gives everyone accepted?  As part of the'd naturally be able to cross borders, and spend not just days, but weeks and months at locations throughout Europe.  No stress on limits.  No hostile customs guys asking stupid questions.  No border-entry issues.

Tens of thousands of applications expected?  No.  What Malta that there will be less than a thousand....maybe even less than three hundred people....who would be legit, and have the money to make the deal work.  

It's an amazing thing.  A nation with almost nothing of value to sell....has finally come to realize that citizenship is worth something, and they just might make it a regular business.

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