Wednesday, 6 November 2013

The Big Shock

Years ago, as a kid, I was into ancient history and the question of other Earths.  In the 1970s, there were simply smart folks walking around and saying there were billions of Earth-like planets out there, and we weren't alone.  It was a best guess type of statement.

Well....decades have passed, and the smart guys went and examined the universe as they know it.  After a long review, they concluded something.  They did statistical analysis, and came to a calculated claim (better than best guess claims)....and now say that there are a billion-plus Earths out there, period.  No longer a guessing game....they are fairly confident in their statement.

By making the statement, we've gone to the next step of this way forward.  Statistically, the odds could be viewed as one in a billion....meaning we are alone.  Or they could be reviewed and you could guess a dozen in a billion....or a hundred in a billion....that other life exists.

The sad end?  Well....a thousand years from now....we might conclude other cultures on other planets exist, but none of them are as advanced as us.  With all the screw-ups and issues of our society....we might be the most advanced society in the universe.  That....might be a tremendous shock for some to accept.

The society that brought Jerry Springer into the living room, delivered the K-Car into showrooms, and devised Gumby as entertainment....the most advanced culture in the universe?  I'd rather not think about that idea.


Politics Alabama said...

Depends upon the definition of "advanced" is. Since we have no idea what any other life forms might be like, either biologically or culturally, we have no way to guess how ours might compare to theirs. Another species might be fur-clad cave dwellers and still be "superior" to us in other ways. The only way to tell for sure is to go and see. (grin)

Don said...

I'll tell Politics Alabama what I found out there when I get back.