Tuesday, 12 November 2013

The Pill of the Future

Imagine tossing back five beers that tasted completely like your regular old beer, and not being wasted.  Imagine sipping a dozen glasses of wine, and having no dizziness.

Yesterday, via the BBC....a British scientist basically out and said that compounds exist at this point where you could create alcohol-products....that would have the sensation and taste.....but no ill effect.  He even suggested that there's a compound or two that you could take and totally reverse the drunken state in a matter of minutes.

Course, he also got to the problem at hand....the drink industry....beer, wine and alcohol....really wouldn't desire such compounds on the market, and they'd fight this tooth and nail.

It'd be an awful hard sell to convince millions....to give up their traditionally held view of booze having an effect on them.  The trip to the local pub and taste on their tongue of a halfway decent beer? The visit to some wine cafe, and the light-headed effect after two hours?  Folks would just shake their heads and skip this topic of transforming the drink industry.

Science has taken up a mighty sword over the past couple of decades.  They made sodas with no calories, soda without caffeine, and soda without any sugar.  They developed cars that would comprehend ice and adjust braking on their own.  They engineered radios that work off satellites.  They discovered a way to pick up oil off concrete with a cat-sand-like substance.  They built a simple little gadget that noted your position on Earth, and it's relationship to the road....telling you the way to Memphis and noting all the gas stations along the way.

So I'll make this prediction that in a dozen years....so compound will exist that you pay thirty bucks for and you digest the pill to dissolve most of your drunkenness away in a matter of five minutes.  No coffee.  No hassle with the cops.  No lost license.  You wrap up the evening and pay the bartender the thirty bucks....who flips a pill into you.  Minutes later, you walk to the car and are decent enough to drive safely home.

People desiring this?  No.  It's thousands of years of development to get us to this modern age of a thousand styles of beer and ten thousand types of booze.  And to mess around with all that effort?  We just couldn't accept that.

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