Tuesday, 19 November 2013

The Polling of America

I hate polls.  They tell a story, but the story is only valid for that day or that week.

You see....people change their minds....like their underwear.  If you asked a guy about a certain store in town this week....in twelve months...he might have another differing opinion.

So, here's this polling data chart to ask folks.....is it right to assume that healthcare is a federal government responsibility?

Back in 2006, almost seven of every ten Americans said 'yes'.

Somewhere in 2009....that dipped to five out of ten Americans agreeing on this responsibility.

Today?  Barely four out of ten American agree it's the government's responsibility.

By the end of 2014?  I would suspect that we dip down into the 35-percent range on 'no'.

By 2024?  It'll all be forgotten and we move back up to sixty-five percent.  That's the problem with polls.  They drift, change, and slide.  It'd be hard today to convince sixty percent of the country to run off to Europe and fight the Nazis.  It'd be an issue to convince folks today of spending hundreds of billions and send four guys to Mars.  It'd be practically impossible to convince the public to accept taxes on internet sales.

We are a society that changes our minds and perception....on an hourly basis.  And frankly, we aren't agreeable to stick with an opinion.

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Don said...

The stories polls tell are also valid ONLY for the people who responded to the poll. Most of the people who respond to polls don't have a clue and nothing better to do.