Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Traveling Man

I counted up today....a fair number of states that I've been to....and some I've just somehow missed.

Some.....like Maine....I basically landed via the Air Force, spent several hours in some terminal waiting, and sipped a Pepsi.

Some, like Texas....I spent weeks and weeks at some Air Force school.

I'd like to someday say I've been to all fifty, but I'm having doubts over Hawaii.

As for international travel?  I'm hoping to fill in six more countries over 2014, and maybe some day make my way into Egypt.

Yeah, Russia and it's Trans-Siberian Railway is begging me for some fourteen day trip across the country.  And I have to admit....I would like to make it to Burma one day.....maybe even Australia (although I have that no travel rule about no-snake-countries).

Peru?  If it weren't for food poisoning, the Shining Path guerrillas, and robbery stories....I'd probably like to see these ancient cities, and such.

China?  Well....the issue comes down to food and how to survive for two weeks off a Chinese diet.  Could I eat noodles for two weeks straight?  Could I eat mostly fish and boiled chicken?  Would I be influenced by Hu Wung to convert to Communism or Maoism?

The frank truth is....Bama guys weren't ever supposed to leave the state....except for NCAA football games, or big flea market shows in Texas and Mississippi....and the Grand Ole Oprey Show in Nashville.

We were given some brilliant naive gift from God....mostly to take in sights....gauge them against local corrupt Bama politics, general store operations, crazy relatives, catfish from the local grill, Amish dealings, and wisdom handed out by guys over eighty years old in overalls.

A Bama guy can't appreciate ancient ruins in Honduras like most folks.

A Bama guy can't marvel at fancy castles and fortresses in Germany like most folks.

A Bama guy can't eat a fancy French meal and feel humbled like most folks.

A Bama guy can't stand on a Chinese plateau gazing at a brick wall of sorts, and say something noble.

A Bama guy can't stand in the presence of a Swedish King and note royal gossip that they heard or noted since the fancy party began.

A Bama guy can't sip Russian vodka....tasting the essence of Russian history.....mostly because we've had better home-distilled stuff from Scottsboro.

A Bama guy lacks the manners to sit at a Swiss hotel dinner, and note the seven folks, spoons and knives around the plate.....commenting more to the fact that somehow we got by with just one of each at home.

Yeah, it would have been better to stick to Bama.  But then, that would have invited one to wonder about the big bold world around themselves.

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