Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Mission Unaccomplished?

The White House press meeting came up yesterday (Monday), and it turned into an interesting event.

Obviously, the White House would like to talk positive on fixing all the issues with the Affordable Healthcare Act web site.  The fix-it committee came up over the weekend, and said they'd done the job.

Naturally, this was all spun real nicely....until Jon Karl (ABC reporter) asked if this was "mission accomplished".

You could see a thousand wheels turning in Jay Carney's mind.  Jay did his best not to reply.

Jon Karl went back and kinda asked it again.  And Jay just stood there and admitted he just couldn't answer "mission accomplished" in fear of it being used as some gimmick.

The truth?  It's best not to ever say or suggest...."mission accomplished" within this administration.....otherwise, they'd be identified as "Bush-league".  That's another term that you can't use in public anymore.

These days....you have to be fairly quick and clever as the Presidential Press Spokesman.....otherwise, you look like a dope.

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