Sunday, 1 December 2013

Phase Two

There's a news piece out there today....someone asked President Obama what his plans were....after 2016 when he leaves office.

Curiously, he said he's likely staying in DC.  This kinda shocked the folks asking the question, just my humble opinion.

Typically by this point....various foundations would have come out and offered you a paying job of sorts.  You make some speeches and go to some conferences....just to mingle and shake hands.  It appears that no foundation has approached the President yet.  Because of the toxic's possible that no four-star foundation wants to walk into some mess in 2017.

Most Presidents return "home".  This was true for the majority of Presidents over the past fifty years.  President Clinton ended up in New York state....mostly to help Hillary achieve Senator-status.  Course, he spent an awful lot of time traveling, and making speeches for various foundations.

Jimmy Carter went back to Georgia and worked for several foundations.....doing charity work, and writing books.

Where does an ex-President live in DC?  Well.....that's an interesting question.  The only decent and safe part of the Georgetown the northwest part of town.  Homes generally run at a million or above.  Fancy homes run three to five million.  DC cops run active patrols in Georgetown, and ensure the safety of the local folks.

He says that this is all to help his daughter finish up her last year or two of high school.  But it lays out a frustrating issue of what he intends to do with his time.

University professor work?  No.  There are several university operations in DC.....Georgetown University is one of them.  But it's hard to see him standing in some class and delivering a lecture, which is ninety-nine percent political speech.  No chancellor could explain this as being acceptable with a straight face.

Acting as a lobbyists?  Well, I'm thinking he might be convinced that he could be the lobbyists of lobbyists.  He might be convinced (wrongly) that someone would pay him a lobby things to Senators.  At the current rate of things in 2017.....there will be roughly forty to forty-five Democratic Senators.  Most who've survived the election episodes....won't be happy with his style or his efforts.  They will care little about him playing the lobbyist game.

His Presidential library?  Well, it hasn't come up yet, and I'm guessing the folks in Hawaii were really hoping on it being there.  The folks in Chicago?  Same.  I have a suspicious nature, and suspect that the Presidential library will end up at Georgetown University.  I'm probably the only one thinking that.

A hinderance for the House, Senate and the next President, by staying in DC?  Well, it invites issues.  Some Sunday morning chat show will be eyeballing the chance to bring in such an ex-President as a commentary person at least once a month.  Especially, if the 2017 President is a Republican.

Some Democratic Senators may have had "enough" of the President after eight years.  It's hard to say if they'd feel happy with him in their hunting-grounds.

Dinners in the local area?  If you were the British Embassy, or some big-name foundation in the'd have to consider inviting the ex-President if he's living in the local area.  I could see dozens of dinners per year.....put into a position where they invite him.

Writing a book?  Most folks think the book-writing ability of the President is non-existent, and he's only produced via a ghost-writer of sorts.  If he goes to writing another book....he'd likely have to return to the original ghost-writer, or admit he just can't write.

All of this idle gossip likely comes because he's come to some conclusion on the end of the Presidency.  Eight years is a long time for a guy to occupy one job....working fifty to sixty hours a week, and maybe it concretes you to a new lifestyle.  Maybe you can't be the old guy....because it's just not dynamic enough.

Anyway.....expect some real estate guy to be hunting for a four-star house in Georgetown.  Life in the neighborhood....may never be the same.

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