Friday, 6 December 2013

Simply Observations

It was pretty much known fact for the past decade, but yesterday....the Snowden episode dumped the fact that the NSA folks track your cellphone location.  Everyone seemed shocked....noting almost five billion reportings per day coming into NSA's 'warehouse'.  You could ask NSA on any given day where you were and how long were you at that location, and they could answer the question.  And perhaps a silly thing to think about.....but there's likely forty worldly governments capable of tracking as a minimum their own citizens, and probably six governments capable of tracking every single guy in Bama throughout the day.

It came out this week that folks figured out the weak link for the NSA.  This billion-dollar warehouse operation in Utah that has been in the construction phase for several years is almost finished.  The crippling factor to it's operation.....massive water required to run the air conditioning system. So much water.....that they even had to ask for a keep the yearly operational bills under reason.  If the city or county ever decides to limit the water-flow?  Well....they'd have to shut down in a matter of days.  Some folks grasped that idea and are researching how it would work.

There's an interesting piece over at the Federal List.  It lays out the price of being the Yankees.  It also lays out the revenue side of the team.  Interestingly enough....they generate a ton of total revenue.   A  guy would be rather shocked over this.  $570 million.  At the gate, it's around $265 the hog dog stand and t-shirt's $53 million.  The Yankees could sign some of the worst players in baseball history, put them on the field, and still clear $300 million easily in a last-place season.

Finally, the White House had to come out and admit.....yes, the President did actually meet and live with the uncle from his dad's family for three weeks.  For several years, it was simply denied.  The reason for the change?  They say that they actually now asked the President the question.....always previously just answering a question like this without asking the only guy who'd know.  Yeah, it does sound awful silly.  A guy gets the impression that no one much talks to the President.....relaying information.....and trying hard to get the original theme business lined up.  What else is bogus?  You just don't know.  Why change the theme now?  I'm thinking that there's a picture or two that the uncle might bring out accidentally that shows some college-age Obama with the uncle.

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