Thursday, 19 December 2013

The Niceness Issue

Sometimes, scientists learn something the hard way.

Off in New Zealand, the mental guys sat down and devised this experiment of sorts.  Basically, they recruited this husband and wife.  They didn't tell the wife much about the experiment.  The husband?  Well....he was supposed to suddenly get very agreeable to just about everything the wife suggested.  He was to and simply practice patience.....grin....and bear it.

For roughly four days...both kept notes over where things were developed.  The wife really didn't know the whole implications....and mostly just reacting to a new attitude by the husband.

Somewhere around the 12th day.....the husband came to the science group and admitted there were problems.

The wife was now reacting in a negative way....criticizing the husband in various new ways.  It's hard to imagine what the guy said to the science team....but he must have indicated things were drastically going downhill with all this agreeable business.

So, in favor of society, and maintaining this marriage....the science team halted the experiment, and brought the wife in to explain what they'd told the husband to do.

A guy from Bama could sit and ponder over these implications.  Being that nice and agreeable....all of sudden?  Most Bama gals would be all suspicious and thinking that there's some disaster about to occur, or some new gal from Nashville seeing their man.

The truth is.....a guy just can't be that agreeable in life.  It's ok to be nice and polite.....but there's a safe margin where you need to act like John Wayne, and act disagreeable occasionally.

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