Monday, 30 December 2013

Winners and Losers of 2013

There would be a lot of winners and losers in 2013, but I'll limit my picks to three each....the best three, so to speak.

First, the losers.

The Affordable Healthcare Act.  For a brief time, up until the budget episode in October....the Obamacare episode was going to sweep in and be at least marginally we were told.  There were issues, but folks would get ninety days to sign on and get "fixed".  Course, up until that point, there were a thousand things that went wrong.  Old doctors and clinics that we were told we'd keep forever?  Gone.  Higher deductibles of six thousand?  Yep, in place.  Doctors noting how they'd limit new patients at their operation?  Yeah.  Less than ten days after the budget crisis ended, and all the potential blame you could dump on the Republicans.....the flush of the toilet occurred.  The Affordable Heathcare Act is a loser, big-time.  More American have no health insurance.....for the start of 2014, than in the start of 2013.  Reality is taking a toll on American perspectives.

The news media.  Fewer people read the Washington Post, Time, Newsweak, and New York Times.....than a year ago.  Fewer people watch the Today Show.  Fewer people watch CNN.  Less viewers and readers....mean less income.....less benefits.....less opportunity....less movement upward.

Ed Snowden.  Ed pretty much gave up the rest of his productive life and will enjoy the comforts that Moscow offers, unless Germany gets peppy on engaging the US into a treaty on no-spying.  Ed doesn't have much to hope for, and will rely on what little luck he has for the rest of his life.

The winners?

Phil from Duck Dynasty.  Basically, Phil did a simple interview, quoted scripture from the a couple hundred thousand folks upset, and got suspended for a couple of weeks.  Several million folks voiced strong opinion that they weren't deceived by Phil, the news media, Hollywood types, or fake wannabe status seekers.  Dopers, drunks, adulterers, gays, and swindlers?  They all got lumped into one group oddly enough, and there's no revision of the Bible possible to change that.

Auburn NCAA Football.  Well....Auburn kinda surprised folks, a lot.  To creep into the top ten, then sweep Alabama?  Yeah, they were a big winner in 2014.

Finally, there's Chancellor Merkel of Germany....winner of the election, and still Chancellor.  She had an interesting ten-minute chat with President Obama over listening into her phonecalls.  At the conclusion of the call.....she probably was grinning and knew she just got the best moment of relief that anyone could ever ask for.

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