Tuesday, 1 January 2013

My 2013 Top Ten Predictions

1.  A federal bill will pass into law, creating a TSA-like organization, whose only purpose, is to guard schools.  Over 120k new government employees will be created under such a measure.  Over half will be former military folks.  In the first year, sixty of the members will pull weapons on students (with no weapons), and twelve will be fired because of relationships with teenage girls in the school they work in.

2.  Moodys will drop the US again on the bond rating.  The President will refuse to comment on it, but obviously, there's some serious financial problems.

3.  Hillary Clinton's blood clot will be serious enough to suggest that she won't run in 2016 for President.  At least twelve Democratic governors will weigh running and make appearances on CNN to drum up support during 2013.

4.  Syria will fall.  And Saudi Arabia will suddenly find unrest within their own country.  Some worries will occur over oil production, and gas prices will go up to $4.50 a gallon.  The President will be under pressure to open up the oil fields of Alaska to unlimited production.

5.  JC Pennys will be bought by a Chinese company....mostly because of bad business decisions and a spiraling downward trend for Pennys.

6.  Two minor gun measures end up passing in 2013: finger-printing at purchase will be required (by electronic means), and 10-bullet ammo clips will be the standard.  Strangely enough, some California Senator makes the right investment decision on the finger-printing software and makes $8 million in profit over twelve months.  At least fifteen mass shootings will occur in 2013 after the passage of these two bills.

7.  Folks in Colorado and Washington see a increase in accidents....relating to mary-j-u-wanna usage.  They'd like to pass a bill to fix this.....but it'd mean limiting dope smoking....which is something they just don't want to do.

8.  The Redskins win the Super-Bowl.....much to the shock of the NFL.

9.  Not a single significant bill that the White House supports.....passes via the House and Senate in 2013.  The President spends most of his time working on foreign affairs.

10.  Fox News hires a Piers Morgan-look-alike to do fake interviews and get folks all hyper.....complete with a British accent.  The fake Piers actually does better than the real Piers, and CNN now thinks it's time to remove Piers and bring in Brittney Spears.  (yeah, this probably won't happen).