Thursday, 3 January 2013

The Little Black Box Story

Intel came out this morning with a hint of what is about to change TV viewing across America.....a little box that allows you to pick only the channels you desire and make your own "bundle".

What this means?  Well....for about half of us.....twelve channels are just about all we desire.....that's it.  We don't want the 200-channel package.  For a number of folks in the TV sets up a very dangerous situation for various channels to fail entirely or raise their pricing scheme drastically to survive.

For me?  My twelve channels are:

Fox News channel.

ABC, CBS (for the football only), and NBC.

The education channel.

The CNBC channel for business.

The old movie channel.

TNT and TBS (our kind Atlanta folks).

The History and Discovery channels.

And the local Fox channel.

That's it.  CNN is is the MSNBC channel.  ESPN is of zero value.  And the other 180-odd channels are mostly worthless.

For the Intel box to need high-speed internet, and this might be the one limiting factor for customers.  But I suspect within ten years....that almost half the adult population in America are hooked up to the Intel program.  The revolution of TV is underway.