Monday, 14 January 2013

Bama Stuff

The authorities in Bama are still sorting out the shooting by a Methodist minister....of his wife and daughter (the wife is dead and the daughter survived with some wounds).  The daughter did take the gun away from the guy, then he tried to stab himself....unsuccessfully.  The folks down in Gardendale aren't typically used to something like this occurring.

What some cops are looking an car accident that the minister was involved in several months ago, and the possibility of a severe concussion that was not noticed.

Then there's the events of 28 December....where the junior minister of the church (the youth minister), who was arrested for trying to arrange a meeting with a young gal under the age of sixteen (pretty severe sentence if convicted).  Maybe the older guy knew more details on this youth minister, and it bothered him.  Maybe some drugs involved.  You just don't know.

The Bishop from the region has come down to sort of organize the church members, and have them focus on the positive of the mess.  Typically....if you are Methodist....prayer is always maximized and done often.  I'm guessing local members are spending at least thirty minutes a day now....praying for the whole crowd.

For the next month or two....if you were a member of the'll be a major topic at the dinner table or amongst neighbors.  It's kind of rare in Bama for a minister to haul off and shoot anyone....especially his wife.

Lessons from this?  Well....if you are ever in a car accident of any variety where blunt force occurred to your's best to let the idiots call an ambulance and have you toted off for an exam.  I might be in the hospital for twenty-four hours, and feel silly about all the attention.  But there's always some odds that you got banged up and might start acting goofy in six weeks....drinking buttermilk daily, changing underwear six times a day, or threatening to shoot folks for the smallest infraction of politeness