Thursday, 17 January 2013

Some Health Stuff

There are two health stories worth commenting about.

First, a county hospital up in Pennsylvania came up to admit that this requirements list for delivery-specialist doctors was such….that they were just going to halt the recruitment of these guys for their hospital. If you were up to bearing a child….they would recommend other hospitals…the nearest being ten miles away….to do your delivery business.

So this brings up an interesting episode.

The Obama health care program kinda laid out various requirements, and the limitations of what you can charge for each option….if you get onto these low-cost health policies. There’s not much room to recruit and keep any decent specialist. These guys finish medical school with $100k in loans, and basically don’t work for chicken-feed (a Bama term). By the time you get your local county hospital up to speed, recruiting folks, paying them, handing them bonuses occasionally, giving them four-star benefits….you have to look at the bottom line on costs. If you can’t afford a guy, then you don’t hire him. They could fix this by hiring Doctor Jose from Peru, but the odds are that you’d have some issue with a doctor who had a thick Peruvian accent.

The guys who dreamed up the health care act….didn’t really anticipate things like this would happen. Cheaper care, for cheaper dollars, all made sense.

Is this all a bad thing? Well…up until the 1920s….most women just had local women who stepped into the house….did all the doctor stuff, and maybe four women out of a hundred actually had a local doctor come by the house for bad situations. We kinda accepted modernization and felt that we couldn’t survive without the specialist. Today, you couldn’t really convince anyone to think this way.

The Administration? Well…they will eventually step in after a hundred county hospitals announce that they’ve hit rock-bottom on what they can offer a delivery-specialist doctor….based on their business model. Once the other specialist guys see this attention….they will repeat the same deal. Bottom line? Everything will cost more in the end.

The second story is this energy drink business.

The statistical guys say that almost 20k folks a year in America are going into the emergency room because they got hyped up on energy drinks. They kinda felt they were having a heart attack, and in truth….it was all this hyped-up caffeine that got them peppy.

Frankly, the doctors are getting tired of it. They are wasted hours and hours on folks who aren’t having a heart attack. Insurance companies are paying for these $700 visits to the emergency room, and premiums….if you haven’t guessed….are going up.

Should we do something about this? Energy-drink control?

Maybe a Presidential order?

You can imagine how quick the drink guys would get all hyper about our rights to drink high-caffeine drinks. And even those Starbucks folks might be in trouble.

So when you get all hyper after drinking a energy drink….it’s best to just find a lawn chair and just sit under a tree for two hours while you chill out. Don’t worry….when the big one does finally come….it won’t linger, it’ll be quick.

Our Lance

Lance Armstrong.

Years, months, weeks, and days have passed. We are now left with some odd story of how Lance carried out some dishonest effort to beat the system. Every known drug test at the time….could not detect anything of a violation. Life went on. Lance won some bike races. Media dimwits talked excessively about Lance, French people, the Tour de France, and winning.

To be kinda honest, I don’t pay a lot of attention, and frankly…..don’t rightly care.

Do I know anyone that did the Tour de France? No.

Would I do the the Tour de France? No.

Would I ride a bike around the Alabama state border for six weeks (about what it’d take for me)? No.

Would it give me a big thrill if some Auburn or Alabama football player did the Tour de France? No.

Other than Paris and Normandy….can I even name another French town? No.

Other than Charles de Gaul, Napoleon, Brigitte Bardot, Gustav Eiffel (the Eiffel tower guy), and Joan of Arc….I don’t even know any French folks.

This cheating business? Seems like we just winked at a bunch of baseball players and they just kept hitting home runs for an entire decade. We just laughed when the whole thing came out to be fake because of the steroid business.

Lance got rich off the bogus wins? Well, he got taxed as well. So he helped the US government with its enormous tax burden there for an entire decade. We ought to appreciate his effort to get fake wins and pay his fair share of fake taxes.

Upset? If you are so weak to get upset about this kind of stuff….what do you do when Senator Tubby admits that he gave $500k in grants to some professor to study butterfly's in Argentina? Yeah, it’s all a fake show, for folks to feel a good fake feeling, and wish a fake recovery for the fake Lance.

The odd thing? Well, not that we’d suggest this. But Lance could clean himself up, and run over to France this summer….run the Tour de France….win, and do it without any drugs. Man, that’d really shake up folks.

Our Lord of the Flies

Years ago....I picked up and went through Lord of the Flies (by William Golding).  To be honest, about seventy pages into the book, I questioned myself and wanted to put it aside.  It kind of read like a Hardy Boys book where they were dumped off on some island and just deeper into a mess every single day.  Without mature leadership (the hint of the book), society could not survive.  The aim, as I found out late by the writer, was to demonstrate that in a nuclear needed adults and not children running things.

Last night, I went and watched the clips of the Presidential piece yesterday over gun control, and landscape of the event were these kids around the President.  He went through several minutes of pointed comments about how he felt drawn to the woes of the children, their fears, their commentary, and this was his effort to 'help' the kids.

For some odd reason, I had this view and connection to Lord of the Flies in this whole event....maybe even the whole process that went into it.

Kids, or immature leadership....tend to prioritize things, and do things without any real thought process into it.  On the first might consider their actions to be legitimate because they are just kids.  After a while, you'd hope that they'd realize mistakes, get wiser, and eventually make better decisions.  In the wrong environment, under the wrong circumstances....they just repeat mistake after mistake.

I didn't realize it until maybe a decade ago...that Lord of the Flies was supposed to sum up our world in a nuclear environment.  If we had wise people making the choices, then society would survive.  If we had immature leadership....we were destined for a pretty bad mess.

If I had a list of 100 books that you ought to read in your life....Lord of the Flies wouldn't be on it.  Maybe it does say alot about leadership or what happens if mature people don't run things....but I simply don't see it as a great classic.

My humble guess?  Someone in the White House staff probably read Lord of the Flies in the last all peppy over kids being in a process, and suggested something as a joke.  And the White House leadership picked it up and ran with it....even a bigger joke.  And in the end? the case of the Lord of the Flies....some British Navy guy does show up one day (just in time) really clear up the mess and make things right.  We can only hope....that old British Navy guy is around and might still be able to sail into DC and save things at the right time.