Monday, 21 January 2013

Simply Observations

There was a mass shooting in New Mexico over the weekend.  It probably won't make it onto the national news.  If you use the FBI definition....a mass shooting is where four people or more are killed by the guilty party.  In this case....around the outer limits of Albuquerque, NM....some fifteen year old kid shoot both parents and the three brothers and sisters.  All that the cops currently say is that they have the kid in their possession, all five are dead, all shot apparently by a semi-automatic rifle, and that the father was a volunteer chaplain with the local fire department.  The odds of the kid being on meds? might have wait a week or two for this to finally come out.  I would imagine that he might be a gamer....but will have to wait on those comments.  The state will debate his adult-status for a month or two, but I suspect he will be placed in an adult court.

Yeah, that latest Arnold-movie didn't really do that well.  Course, it's the wrong time of year and maybe it was just a lousy story.  You just don't know.

The US sat and wasted a fair amount of time preparing and passing a law to go against Russia over the death of a Russian activist lawyer.  Well....the Russians looked at the mess, and are preparing a "Gitmo-list", which will include sixty odd Americans who if they attempt to enter Russia....will be put into jail immediately with no protection from some treaty.  So far, they hint that there are Senators and Representatives on the list...but won't say who.  It's a comedy of sorts because you'd think that US Senators and Representatives have a big mess to worry about in the US, but somehow found time to find this small mess in Russia to worry about.  The Russians?  They usually don't kid around.

There's this science story today of an idea to zap your brain with electrical wattage occasionally to lessen the effect of Alzheimers.  No one much is sure about the end result but they think it could delay the progress of the disease.

Finally, there's a British professor who thinks he has the DNA sequence ready to get some gal pregnant with a neanderthal kid.  But he needs a lady who is a willing volunteer to this.  Yeah, it does sound like some theme for a horror movie, but this is the UK and stranger things have happened.  What happens if he is right?  Do we go out and reproduce 10k Neanderthal folks?  And then what?  Eventually, someone would worry if they'd vote Republican or Democrat, and it'd just turn into a bigger mess....if you ask me.