Thursday, 24 January 2013

Women in Combat

Here's the thing....that most folks really don't grasp in this entire discussion.

If you only had to tote a canteen, a web belt, a helmet, two magazines of ammo, and a M-16....this would all be great, and we'd bring in fourteen thousand women a year to the Marines and Army for combat professions.

But there's this odd thing that occurred back in WWII as Marines walked across islands in the Pacific, and Army Grunts walked across France....they had to tote around eighty pounds of ammo, food, water, and gear with them.  Some even carried extra.

By Afghanistan, we've pushed the typical carry-weight now up to around one hundred pounds.  How many 140-pound women can carry that much?  None.

How many 200-pound women could carry that much and want to be in the military?  Maybe 300 at best in a year, but you'd have to pass the physical training stuff, and frankly, the Army has all these rules to prevent them from having 200-pound women (hint: the Marines have the same weight to height rules).

So how many will want to do it....want to be in harsh conditions for a month without changing underwear....pee standing up because you just can't stop at a fancy latrine.....and tote the 100-pound stuff?  Maybe five per year.

And finally this note....those five women who make it through and pass the tests, and can carry those 100-pound backpacks?  No Jihad guy or mere mortal would want to screw around or take any risks with these women.....they'd tear your guts apart in an instant.

So a mere Secretary of Defense can wave forty magic wanes....but the mere backpack situation....kinda trips up ninety-nine percent of those interested 

Bama Art Stuff

Down in south Bama, at the Troy University facility….the folks decided to have an art show.

As folks lined up and noted what they were going to bring, and the museum folks got things noted in order….the board members held a meeting (probably secret in nature), and decided this just wasn’t going to be a neat and tidy art show, thus canceling it.

Now, you’d ask what exactly happened to cause cancellation, and there was a theme that someone had suggested for this personal exhibit….the 2011 Alabama immigration law.

Course, in Bama, it raised a big stink in 2011….but these days….no one much talks about this except farmers who can’t find enough guys to work on their crops.

Well…in this case….folks decided that some things ought to be offensive in nature. That triggered the cancellation.

Some examples? Well….there were cans of Ajax with Nazi swastikas on top. You’d naturally ask what the meaning was, but WWII guys would say that they have an entirely different thought in their mind and start to relive the landing at Normandy. There’s also a piece of the Virgin Mary on some painting….holding broom in one hand and a dead chicken in the other. If it’d been a Democrat or Republican….folks might have accepted that, but you can’t have the Virgin Mary holding stuff like that in a picture.

To be honest, folks in Bama just don’t have a great appreciation of art. A guy could paint his John Deere tractor white, and toss on some Atlanta Braves logo’s, and it’d be considered mighty fine art. Another guy could paint Jeb Bush on his barn roof and folks would drive from forty miles around to see such a sight. You could plant 200 wooden ducks on your lawn, and it’d draw a number of comments from the local art folks.

But there’s a limit to art understanding in the state. The minute you toss on some Hebrew scripture, Inca Indian stuff, or fancy stuff with trampy and skimpy Swedish women….it’s beyond most of us. I’m guessing the Troy art folks will reconvene in three months, and find some safe things to bring into an exhibit….maybe painted tractors….and then plenty of locals would be interested.

My Take on Hillary

After watching the Hillary episode yesterday….I’ve come to four general observations.

First, generally, in life, you are responsible for your own stupidity. If you chose to drive to Birmingham and get off the interstate and just drive around on a Friday night….odds are you will either get robbed or get stabbed. Same deal for Memphis, same deal for East Saint Louis, same deal for southeast DC. This US ambassador in Libya should have added up things, and noted that Benghazi is kinda like Birmingham, and just stayed out of the area.

Second, if you chatted with the US ambassador in Rome, Italy….you’d find that he’s got lots of four-star security….way more than our guy in Libya had. Maybe it’s just me….but it seems like Libya was not going to rate you any real accommodations or security.

Third….if you kinda felt things were falling apart….you might have jumped the fence….ran over to the French ambassador’s compound, and let real French security guys save your life. Course, it’d deeply embarrass the President and State Department greatly….but you’d be six feet higher than you are today. Those French guys would have pulled out fifty guns and just started firing as wildly as possible, and some Jihad folks would have been either laying dead or running off.

Fourth and final....if you worked at some drug store in north Birmingham just off the interstate, and the boss wanted you to lock up each night at 10PM....alone....and walk out to the car in a unlighted parking lot. Then your boss didn't really care much for you, and you should have figured that out after one night at the new job.  Obviously, this ambassador didn't have no one much caring for him back at the State Department or it's security branch, and he was stupid enough to just accept that.

And now?  A new guy on the scene, and likely counting each hour until he can get that cushy Amsterdam job that is guaranteed by accepting this deal in Libya.  That's life in the State Department.

The "Winners"

In the midst of a number of states running up a ban on the sale of large ammo magazines....who wins?

Well, this is an interesting topic.  None of the southern states will even discuss such a ban.  So gun shops around the south will continue to sell large ammo magazines, unless Congress and the Senate agree on a bill to pass into law (it will never occur).

So gun shops in southern states will begin to get customers who have driven 500 and 1,000 buy forty or fifty ammo magazines (for themselves and neighbors).  And while at this gunshop in Tennessee, you can imagine Joe and Carl from New Jersey....buying a weapon or two, while on a gun-holiday vacation of sorts.  The guys hunt for a couple of days, buy guns, and drive slowly back to New Jersey.

Eventually, the political figures of New Jersey and the other states that enacted these laws will realize that it was all pretty stupid.

My Neighborhood

I have to lay out some of this story in advance.  Yesterday....there was an attack of three pitbulls in a DC the northwest (the least violent of the DC areas).  The kid was riding his bike, and the dogs were completely on him.  I would imagine that it was a life-or-death situation, and that kid was going to be way or another.

Then, some guy comes out of his house....sees the action....retreats into the house, and pulls out a gun.  He fires, and kills one dog.  The cop arrives, and kills the remaining two dogs.

Now, in fifty different states....the guy and the cop would be given medals within a month by the mayor and pronounced as true heroes ....saving the kid.

Well....this is DC.  And having an unregistered gun is serious business.  And this guy's gun was unregistered.

Presently, the law in DC (city law) says you should get up to one year in prison and a $1k fine.  The lawyer opinion in DC is that if the guy shot from his property....there's a better chance that the cops will recommend this all get dropped.  So they are going to ask the cop where that guy was standing, and that cop is going to face a bit of gut-thinking.

Meanwhile, the neighbors are probably looking pretty long and hard at the political dimwits in the city council who passed this piece of work years ago.  They are all Democrats, and it's a harsh thing when Democratic voters turn on Democratic political figures.

Of all cities and states in the US....DC's gun laws are considered the most extreme.  If you pull a gun'd best within the walls of your house, and an absolute life-or-death situation.

The dogs?  All dead.  Their owner?  Don't know.  Funny thing....even if they found the owner....he'd likely just get a citation and pay $100 a dog for his mess.  Most folks in this neighborhood would agree that he's the one who ought to do twelve months in the DC jail.

Yeah, it's a big bad mess.  You stand some punk kid from a dog attack, and the cops come to confiscate your gun, accuse you of a terrible crime, and hint of a year in jail for saving the kid.  Only in DC.

NPR's Question

Yesterday, NPR asked the would better mental health care reduce gun violence?  I didn't really get past the title of the report, and I just sat there for ten minutes pausing over and pondering this question.

Here's the deal.  Your nephew Carl is ok while medicated....for roughly 349 days out of the year.  Those other sixteen days?'s best not to have knife, gun, wrench, hammer or baseball bat in the house.

If we had a national database of medicated folks....then we'd start to realize the impact of how many and how big a threat they are.  Then we'd come to agree on having state facilities created, and put these individuals into a mandatory care program.

Over the course of four years...I believe the statistics would start to show lesser gun violence.  Now, some would say it's just not fair to put violent people into facilities.  NPR might be visibly upset because ten percent of their listeners are medicated to such an extent.

So there is answer to the question....yes, we could reduce gun, knife, bat, hammer, and wrench violence...all in one package.  But I seriously doubt that you'd be agreeable to tossing your nephew into some state mental facility.

Simply Observations

It won't make the national media, but Oregon has a bill that it's pushing through the state legislature that would make cigarettes into a class '3' substance.....thus requiring them to be prescribed by a doctor and bought only via a pharmacy.  The odds of passing?  Don't know.....maybe less than thirty percent.  But here's the day, such a bill will pass in one state.  It'll be a west coast state, and it'll shock just about every smoker in the state.  Most everyone will buy their smokes via Indian reservations or across the border from another state.  A year or two later....a border state will pass the same legislation.  Things will get kinda messy then.  Kind of an odd way to see the demise of smoking.

The Hillary moments from yesterday?  She stood up to hours of heat and intensity.  Some of her talk was best.  In the end, I had the impression that she's four-star at high-level talks, but probably shouldn't be managing the executive actions of an organization.  And the comment about cut funds over the last year or two?  Well...Congress has never denied what they asked for.  That came out and kind of made her look pretty stupid.

The drop in Apple stock yesterday?  Well....they don't have a bunch of fancy gadgets left in the magic closet by their founder.  The stock was over-priced, and it won't shock me if it eventually drops down to $250 a share (currently around $450-more-or-less).

This business of putting women into combat?  I would say that you can find various women who would fit into the role and be physically able to do the job.  Out of a hundred women at age eighteen? might be only six.  If those six want to do the mission....let them.  But the idea of pushing someone who really shouldn't be in combat into such a job?  No....don't start pushing or you will find a screwed up force.

Yeah, it is true, that a Philly school did suspend a kid who brought a paper gun into the school.  Yeah, they look like fools.

Finally, it is a true story that Donald Trump wants to buy the New York Times....which is in serious financial shape.  The people who run the Times....absolutely do not want Trump in charge.....and will look for just about any liberal possible....even Al come in and save them.  It would be an amazing story...if Trump succeeds.