Friday, 25 January 2013

The Dog Story

Up in Rhode Island, there's a state legislative guy who is putting together a bill that would allow (enforcement as we know, is always a personal thing with cops) for an issuance of a $85 ticket....if you allow your pet to sit on your lap while driving a car.

I sat there for a while....pondering over this.  I imagine they must have a fairly big problem up in Rhode Island....with dogs, monkeys, and cats riding on their owners lap.  You can imagine road-blocks being set and Grandma coming up with Spot on her lap.  Cops cite Grandma, and pocket the $85.  Grandma gets home, and is all distraught over being punished for dog.

On the positive side? least he didn't make up a $85 ticket for your dog being in the back of the pick-up.

Around two years ago....I had to drive from Virginia down to Bama on the interstate.  I came to notice this one car as I was passing....with some poodle sitting on a older guy's lap.  I'd been out of the country since 1994, and you typically don't see this kind of stuff in Germany.  By the end of this round-trip....I'd seen around five cars with dogs riding in the lap of the owner, as I passed them.

Maybe it does happen often, and we just don't notice it much anymore.

Chances of this passing?  Well...the article didn't touch on that.  I'm guessing that with all the gun talk....this bill might linger, and just never get passed.  Just my humble opinion.