Monday, 28 January 2013

Just Observations

This missing New York City photographer in Istanbul? There’s a hundred folks a day who generally going missing in America, but the media has picked up on this big-time. So, here’s Sarai Sierra (age 33), who was supposed to return to her husband and kids Monday of last week….but never did. It’s an odd thing now because evidence is showing that before this final return to the US….she had this odd diversion worked up where she was going on 15 Jan from Istanbul to Amsterdam, to fly on 16 January to Munich, Germany, and onto Istanbul again three days later. They know that she was there on the 19th now. And then she was supposed to fly back to the US on 21 January, which she never did. If you ask me….she was a courier of some type….for either drugs, diamonds, or something. You don’t fly around like this…..and just live a pretty innocent lifestyle. She probably messed with the wrong characters….thought she’d make some extra cash, and just guessed wrong.

Some Sheriff in Milwaukee has gotten the mayor all upset….encouraging folks to carry and use weapons. He basically admitted that he just doesn’t have the resources anymore to carry out and protect the public. The mayor? Well….he’s kinda upset about this suggestion. You just can’t have the public taking up an aggressive stance and challenging criminals left and right….heck, you might actually shoot some guy robbing you.

All that the Secret Service will say….is that their Belgian Malinois explosives detection dog apparently fell off the roof of a six-story parking deck down in New Orleans, while VP Joe was there, and it was described as a “tragic accident”. Was he pushed? Perhaps sent on an impossible mission? Well….you just don’t know. Maybe the dog was just plain exhausted and didn’t pay attention to his surroundings…..maybe it was too dark…..or maybe he just took one step too much.

The DA’s story in Bolder, Colorado over that Jon Benet murder case? Basically, the Grand Jury came back and said there was something criminally wrong with the actions of the parents, and the DA said ‘no’….he just couldn’t win in court, so why fight a case? I’m guessing folks will ask some silly questions here and wonder who paid who off.

The possible Iranian nuke plant explosion? Well….no one says nothing much, and it’ll stay that way. If you were one of those 240-odd characters at the bottom of the tunnel and stuck there because of the explosion….I’m guessing that no one is coming to your rescue. The replacement team? It’ll take two years to assemble all the right folks and start this whole mess up again. What caused the explosion? Well…as long as they don’t dig the tunnel out and figure out the cause….I’d say it’s a 99-percent chance of a repeat performance in five years. Just be glad these guys don’t run your local nuke power plant.

The Problem with Immigration Reform

There are three central themes to immigration reform, after you sit and watch this for a while.

First, this is always supposed to benefit Latinos ahead of everyone else.  The media pretends that the only illegals in America....are Latinos.  So, any reform has to give them a bigger cut than anyone else.  If any network does interviews with's always a Latino....never a Russian or Brazilian.   After a while, it's more than obvious.

Second, everyone wants to slice immigration reform to be an immediate citizenship deal....nothing less than that is acceptable.  The theme is admit you are illegal, then get a twelve-month deal to become a citizen, and unless you had some crime barriers.  The minute that anyone suggests a "path" to citizenship, and that all different groups (Chinese, African  Thai, etc).....then folks get huffy about this and declare this is not right. This 'path' business always leads to years and years of waiting for the citizenship deal...and no one has patience for that.

Third and final....there is always the hint that this is the final time that you'd ever need to settle any immigration reform.'ll never come up again.  And usually....after a ask why and how would this be permanent.  And people just smile and grin at you.....saying mostly nothing.