Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Our Guy in Bama

There are a number of observations that I can make over this Bama nutcase guy, who shot the bus-driver and kidnapped the autistic kid.

First, he's known around the area as a Vietnam vet and combative retired truck driver (Jimmy Lee Dykes).  He is a bit testy and difficult to deal with.  Few call him a friend.

Second, Jimmy holds a collection of guns.  It would appear....he got them all legally.  If proven true....then this whole universal background check business as a fix for our bogus.

Third, Jimmy doesn't know the kid at all.  He just stops the bus with the intent of taking two kids, and then worldwide attention to what he considers....his problems.  I'm guessing he has a list of forty-four things that bother him....figured out that CNN runs a live 24-hour a day coverage if you just invoke kids into a tragic mess and went to grab two fresh kids out of the bus.

Fourth.  The bus driver actually figured something was just not right....tried to back up, and got shot.  More rounds follow....with the driver dead.

Fifth.  A bunch of folks are likely viewing the idea in Bama now of putting armed guards on the bus.  Basically, most folks are going to demand the right to bring their AK-47 or AR-15....superior fire-power to put down fools like Jimmy.  The President and anti-gun crew are in for a big fight for this crowd to stand up and act defensive in nature.

Sixth.  I'm guessing bus drivers across the state are discussing quietly the idea of putting a thirty-eight by their side, and just not say anything to the county school boss.

Seventh.  Jimmy is likely taking my Vicodon or pain-killers, or whatever.  At some point, it will wear off enough, and maybe Jimmy comes to his senses.

Eighth.....there might actually be some folks to suggest deputizing all of the twelfth grade kids as guards, and putting them on the bus with shotguns in the front-seat.  It's a pretty drastic move, but it might be time to consider all options.

Ninth and final....sadly.....I have to admit there are likely 10k crazy nuts like Jimmy in Bama.  On any given or two of them do something pretty stupid....and we just hope to survive the day.

The Little Store Front

Once upon a time, in a faraway of law and character, were directed to fight the criminals in a rather different fashion.

Instead of confrontation....they were to go undercover....operating as a store, offering fine clothing, fancy tennis shoes, jewelry, and items which might be used in the art of smoking weed or such.

You can imagine such a "all-in-one" store, which was called Fearless Distributing.

Course, they placed the whole operation down in the rough part of Milwaukee, which was supposed to attract shady characters and help achieve success for the operation.  Now, you might be curious....who ran this operation?  Well....The Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms folks.

So days, weeks, and months passed.  To be honest, at least by the local media and newspapers....they just never did get any action from gangs.

General business success?  Altogether, they had around $35k in store items stolen (clothing, jewelry, tennis shoes, etc).  They also had an assault-rifle stolen.

So after ten long months, the leadership decided that this was a total failure, and they packed up and left.

But there's some problems as they leave.  Along the way out, they left a listing of all the agents and local cops were part of the operation (names, phone numbers, etc).  There's also some issue brewing with the real estate owner of the property.....they owe over $10k in utility bills.  There's the issue of damage done as they left (broke doors, etc).

There's not much talk from the Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms folks.  They'd be the first to admit that they are lousy businessmen and probably shouldn't ever be put in charge of a store.  The end-result?  Congress might have to pass a law ordering never to operate a store....just to make sure this mess doesn't happen again.