Saturday, 2 February 2013

Skeet Stuff

 I kinda looked over the newly released photo of the President in his moment of skeet shooting.  It's a fine photo, I must admit.

He is wearing all the safety gear required....glasses and ear protection.

For a minute, I felt relieved.

Then I sat there....having shot skeet only once in my life, and remember this odd thing about skeet, it's usually a clay plate on the rise....going up.

I looked around and found this example here in the second photo.  Your gun ought to be about twenty degrees on the rise....if you were actually shooting skeet.

Now, I sure wouldn't want to deem myself as an authority, and maybe some folks would just correct me if I deserved it.  But it'd seem like he's shooting level and at some paper target on a wall or something....NOT skeet though.

Course, I'd have to admit that none of the guys who do press management for the White House....probably have ever shot a shotgun, and most think skeet are little fluffy birds that you buy at Wal-Mart for target practice.

Just my two cents.

If I Could

If I had a secret convert America into Bolivia'd take roughly four decades to achieve my success.  I could make America into a third-world country.

First, I'd entice young fools into going off to college and universities get somewhere in life, and talk them into borrowing more than just a mere thirty or forty thousand dollars.  I'd convince them to borrow seventy and eighty thousand.  They'd leave college, find marginal jobs that paid, and spend their next forty years trying to pay off a stupid loan for college.

Second, I'd convince everyone to consume more than they could pay for in their entire life.  They'd sign up for housing loans with no money down, and buy houses worth $400k but never have the salary to pay it off.  I'd convince people to get five credit cards by age thirty, and saddle themselves with $50k in credit card debt....paying $900 monthly payments for twenty years but never getting debt squared away.

Third, I'd convince cities, counties and states to increase their debt situation to maximum, and then try to tax their way out of the mess.  They'd chase companies out, and leave people without jobs, decreasing property values, and no escape from their community except baking pizzas for folks.

Fourth, I'd put the middle class workers into a tail-spin because of continuing changes to technology.  Where I needed a hundred employees five years ago, now I only need seventy employees.  Those shown the front door?  They'd have no skills that really matched up with the upgrades and new technology delivered just five years ago.

Fifth, in every industry....I'd look to introduce more robots, and each year cut two percent of my work base.  I wouldn't care about where the two percent vision was simply to build with cheaper costs. Every year, I'd have fewer employees and these people would just disappear as they left the front gate of the company.

Sixth, when items required human labor....I'd push my industry off to cheaper lands where no health insurance crap ever mattered.  I'd pay some Congressman to rig up an importation treaty with Vietnam or Peru, and make some silly $100 tennis shoes for $19 in a faraway land, and just laugh as the profits rolled in at my overseas location.

Seventh, I'd rig up a bogus social retirement program where it'd start off with forty people paying into a pot for one retiree.  And forty years later, it'd be two people paying for one retiree.

Eighth, I'd fix up marginal jobs for college graduates which used to be for high school graduates.  I'd convince them that this $25k a year job was the best you could do with a four-year degree in French Literature or Art Studies.

Ninth, I'd entice political figures to write page after page of regulation, that consumed vast amounts of capital and legal expertise.  People would fight one another....only because a regulation forced them to.

Tenth, I'd find various ways to get low-cost labor secretly into your country.  When you needed a tree'd call the illegal guy who do the job for half-the-cost, but only in cash.  When you needed an entire roof'd hire the illegal who did it for sixty percent of what the regular guy who was taxed by the government.

Eleventh, I'd put together dozens of media outlets that enticed you each day and evening to take sides and fight over topics of relatively little importance.  I'd have church members arguing over global warming, and a high school reunion turning into a big discussion over assault rifles, and a family reunion turning into a verbal assault over Democrat versus Republican.

Twelfth, I'd turn your schools into worthless institutions.....where marginal graduates of college were hired to teach math or science.  I'd make sure that most kids could not read at the sixth-grade level by the end of the high school.  I'd convince you to hand out high school diplomas to kids who weren't able to do much of anything except flip burgers at McDonalds.

Thirteenth, I'd convince managers to keep people on the payroll, who hadn't done more than forty hours of productive work over the past year.  I'd convince a CEO to hire managers who were mentally retired back in 1992, and haven't show productivity in a decade.  I'd convince the government to hire idiots to run departments and keep everyone focused on nothing but statistics.

Fourteenth, I'd find bank presidents who knew nothing about banking and kept signing up for bogus programs that under-valued the banking system.  I'd convince the board to pump out credit cards to people who'd never be able to pay the debt back.  I'd ensure home loans were given to people who'd give up and hand the bank a $400k house over, and months later...the house was declared worth $250k at the most.

Fifteenth, I'd ensure prosecutors were understaffed and always looking to give out half-a-sentence rather than forcing people to pull real-time.  I'd put the criminals back on the street as quickly as possible.  I'd ensure that no improvements were ever made fix ID's being stolen.

Finally, I'd make the lives of every American as miserable as possible, and they'd simply not have any avenue to fix the over-whelming problems.  They'd give up.  And'd be Bolivia 

The Missing 8.5 Million

It is an odd statistic that appeared this week.  Since around 2004, there's around 8.5 million Americans who have disappeared....from the work force.  No one can really explain where the 8.5 million folks went.  You'd think....8.5 million is a fair number of folks....almost the number that New Jersey has for it's entire population.

What happened?

Let me offer some advice on the missing 8.5 million.

First, a number of folks over the past decade got safely into a secure 401k and investment situation, and basically quit working at age 45 to 55.  Most weren't “rich”, but they were safe, and just wanted to do some things that most people only dream about. Look at your RV crowd, and the folks who rebuild cars in their garages now. Some of them bought forty acres of property in Alaska and just disappeared entirely.  Some bought farms in Mississippi and grow onions privately.

Second, a fair group of the 8.5 million discovered that you could quit your job and open up a private underground business of sorts, and rely upon a cash income. An example: flea market operations where you buy your stuff for cash....resell for cash....and clear $30k-to-$90k a year off cash by itself. You never report anything to the IRS, and you never put anything in the bank that draws attention.

Some found a three hundred acre ranch and bought a hundred head of cattle to manage....quietly.  Some started to buy old houses to refurbish and sell every four months.

Third, sadly, there’s probably 500k Americans who have given up on jobs, and moved back in with Dad or Mom. They’ve been there for a year...maybe even ten years. They might do some part-time work for pocket money, but they’ve lost their enthusiasm. Dad can’t change nothing, and this will continue on...until Dad passes away, and there’s no income movement.

Fourth and final....drug sales. Let’s face it. There’s around one million Americans who are selling dope or manufacturing meth across America. They have a thriving business and don’t get counted as workers. They’ve escaped the private sector and become their own bosses...with a decent long as the cops don’t figure out their enterprise. Taxes or healthcare?'s not exactly a priority with these folks.

The 8.5 million still exist, and they still count for something.  But you know....for tax revenue purposes....I'm betting they pay next to nothing.  And if you were wondering why our revenue bucket is starting to become a problem....that 8.5 million folks might be able to explain part of this.