Thursday, 7 February 2013

Simply Observations

This five-billion-dollar court case against Standard-and-Poor?  Well...the Justice Department will only say that it's about this commercial company acting in an unfair way to help some of its customers and hurt its customers.  S and P?  They went out and hired up a big-name lawyer and are getting ready for full scale war.  The case is more of a way to get the bond ratings companies to quit coming after the government's bond rating, and dumping on it.  If you can scare companies....the government rating will just sit where it's at....the general expectation was a mid-summer dump occurring against the US government again.  The end result?  Well...this is a case that will go for two-to-three years in the court system, and the best I think (after watching a dozen financial wiz guys discuss this on TV)....that S and P might be guilty of something....but $300 million is more likely the final settlement....not five billion.  And no....this won't stop the anticipated dump for summer on the US bonds.

This Senator Hagel nomination for Pentagon chief?  A couple of days was probably a guaranteed thing.  Yesterday, the Republicans came back and ask who the foreign contribution folks were to his past election....going back eight years ago.  They kinda know the answer already, and it's very likely to be a major middle eastern player.  Chuck Hagel is in trouble if he won't produce the numbers....but in minor trouble if he does.  He ought to still pass, but I think his image is mostly screwed over at the end.

This $10k bachelor's degree program?'s the deal.  Florida thinks they can make this happen.  They've lined up twenty-three colleges who would be willing to set up the program for presently...$10k total.  Not per year.....but for the whole four'd run for $10k.  The method?  You'd register at some local community college where half the classes were on-line and half were at the school.  It would be straight forward.....nothing fancy.  After two'd be directed over to a state four-year school where this general formula would repeat.  It would appear if you screwed up and failed half the classes in that first year....your contract with the special clauses....would be knocked you can't be a loser trying to do this.  The two issues?  It would appear that they would only have around a dozen degree areas, so if you wanted French Art History or culinary won't happen.  And the last part of the deal is that it'll be a mid-sized Florida four-year college that your degree comes from.  Again, nothing fancy.  If your kid just wanted some paper to put on the wall and a status in life....the $10k deal would be worth it.

Finally, this White Paper business from the White House....that gives them the right to kill Americans via the Drone?  Here's the bottom line.  If you were an American, and stupid enough to join up with some Jihad guys and vow a war to kill innocent Americans....none of us would really care who orders the drone to kill you.  It could be the President, the Pentagon Chief, some Army General, a city council guy from Guntersville, or some janitor from Wal-Mart's Winslow, AZ store....just kill the idiot before he kills more Americans.  All these political dimwits mounting opposition to the drone policy would act totally different if they knew their names might be on some Jihad hit-list or such.  The catch to this is simple....the company that you keep really says a lot about your character.  If you are an American loser converted over to'd best watch for drones the rest of your life.