Friday, 8 February 2013

The Drones of War

Someone wrote an article today....asking the question if Lincoln would have used drones against President Davis or General Lee.....if drones had been around.  After a long-winded bit....the writer injected that Lincoln would have considered it a bad thing, and not allowed the drones to be used to after American citizens.

This drone business starts to drag out what-if situations.

During the first Gulf War.....if we had a hundred recon drones, and three hundred attack drones....we could have landed a mere force of 75k Marines in Saudi Arabia, and simply prepared an usual drone strategy.

We would have conducted the war on day one....doing recon, finding immediate targets like fuel trucks or headquarters complexes.  No Marine movement, just drone after drone.  After six weeks, Saddam would have called up his general and ask why aren't the Americans moving.

The answer?  Almost every fuel truck in the Iraqi inventory is gone, and half the commanders in the zone are dead.

By the eighth week, we would have switched tactics and started to target Saddam, his sons, the top ten generals back in Iraq, and the top twenty political figures.  Day after day....we would have tracked these folks down and in four months....without crossing the border or putting one Marine's life in danger....some Iraqi ambassador in Paris would have called up and offered peace negotiations.  Saddam and the rest were were all wiped out.

The Panama invasion?  A dozen recon drones looking for General Tony....after three or four days...would have tracked him down, and killed General Tony.

The Normandy invasion?  It would have gone like this.  Ike would have ordered up his hundred recon drones, and had the three hundred attack drones fixed for a 5AM run.  They would have wiped out the entire threat for twenty miles of the beach line, on in to three miles from the coast.  By 6AM, they would have returned to the UK to rearm.  The guys would have landed on the beach to find mostly mass destruction.  No tanks operational. Most the of the Germans on the run.

By 9AM, the drones would have returned, and started to back the Germans to a point that by sundown on the 6th of June....they would have been ten miles away from the coast.  Solder after solder would have landed and prepared for the run.

Ike's drones?  By sun-up of the seventh of June....the drones would have been back.  Tank after tank destroyed.   Hitler would have been in a state of shock after ten days of drones.

By the end of June....Ike's drones would have gone onto Berlin, and been hunting Hitler down day after day.  By September....they would have killed Hitler eventually with the drones, and the war would have ended before winter.

The necessity for the nukes against Japan?  No....drones would have made the Japanese effort totally wasted by the end of 1944.

Yes, we are on the verge of a bold new world of warfare.  Just seventy-five thousand Marines to establish a beachhead, some air defense to protect the drone launch sites, and then the three hundred drones launched and in the air for twelve hours out of the day.

Forget about the B-52s.  Forget about nukes.  It's drones that area going to change warfare for the next hundred years.

This Rogue Cop

This rogue cop out in L A, who has killed a couple of folks, and has declared war on police in general?  Well...I will offer a couple of observations.

First, this ex-cop got into trouble when he reported another cop who it was suggested that the other cop beat up on a suspect.  This Christopher Dorner character then gets into a bunch of trouble, and is eventually kicked off the force.  The cops say Dorner is a nut, and was a liar when reporting all the actions against the other innocent cop.

Second, I suspect that the L A cops are out to kill Dorner if any way a short amount of time.  Each week that goes by....gets more reporters interested in the case, and they just might dig up the original episode and find that Dorner was at least half-right over the thing that got him into trouble.

Third, Dorner isn't an idiot.  When he says he'll carry out an unconventional war on the cops....he might have enough things planned that they just can't react against.  Car bombs?  Mail bombs?

Fourth, the top level of the L A cops has to be fairly worried and likely bunkered down.  They are hoping that he can be caught in hours....not weeks.  If they have to stay at the police headquarters for weeks and'll tear up their lives.

Fifth.  Is Dorner getting help?  If I were a betting man.....I'd bet on several folks who probably have some vendetta as well.  With just two people helping him....he could easily get picked up and moved around after each attack.

My advice for the cops?  You'd best start to think over what triggered this whole event and ask yourself if maybe you guys screwed up a little.  If he's still running around three months from won't be pretty with the massive amount of cop action jerking people around and threatening to shoot just about anyone.  You might just create a Dorner version 2.0 and 3.0 down the killing innocent bystanders.

Oh, and two humble thoughts here: the discovery of his pick-up at this mountain resort area (all burnt out)....if there ever was a hint of a second and third person helping....this is probably it.  There's some buddy who likely lives up in the resort region who drove the truck up and set it on fire.....then retreated to his residence nearby.  A second thought: man, he's all gun-control (yet has military assault rifles in his personal collection), Pro-Hillary, Pro-Obama, and bound to lecture on the terrible things that Fox News or Rush puts out.  For that reason, I'm guessing MSNBC will try to avoid mentioning this whole episode.  And if captured, he really poses a problem for the pro gun-control lobby.

My Neighborhood

Sometimes, a graphic tells a power story.

This is DC....for two years (Nov 2004 to Nov 2006).

If you asked anyone where the bad part of town's the far east side, and the south side, across the Anacostia River.

This is where drugs and gangs typically operate.

The safe part of town?  Obviously Georgetown....everywhere on the far left of the graphic.

You can show this to the chief of police, and even the President....but they just look at you and act dopey.  The meaning of the graphic is nothing.

If you did have cops, and you did want to stop gun or knife violence....then all your cops would be on the eastern side of DC....end of the story.  But that will never happen.

Gun Control and Mass Movements

Persuasion is an awful powerful tool, but it also a snake laying in the grass and simply preparing to strike you.

I sat and watched some gun-control episode from yesterday.  They dragged out a bunch of front people who each made a brief statement.  Mixed into the group....your typical Hollywood crowd.  The aim of the function was to get air-time on various entertainment shows for last night.

Mixed into the group was Tony Bennett (the singer), Chris Rock (the comedian), and Adam Scott (of Parks and Recreation).

Tony made some observation of gun-deaths in America being like Nazi concentration camps.

The emphasis of this whole herd of enchanting people....was to persuade you into a belief of some type. Course, the minute you throw Nazis into any conversation....there ought to be some automatic relief valve  that flips on, and you suddenly put everything into some bogus category.

Nazis equal bad.  Anyone who grew up in the 1950s through the 1980s.....has a list of movies that they've seen Nazis in, and it's always bad evil stuff that they do.  How does gun-control equal into Nazis?  Well....Tony didn't really state that.  If you are against gun-control, then you must be a Nazi.

Tony didn't mention that Nazis actually were among the few political parties in history that had a massive belief in gun-control, and the German gun-control act of 1938....basically ensured that the public gave up all their guns, period.

The problem with mass movements....when you start pulling out some folks with bizarre statements to pump up the crowd and get the herd moving in a certain direction....there might be a stupid statement which draws everyone to the side and starts to discuss matters in a rational situation.

Mass put into bold description by Eric Hoffer in the a psychological trend.  You need the herd to act without thinking.

Mass movements....require members to take the idea of giving up something, for the benefit of society.

Mass movements....need the public to be promised a wonderful and safe future, as part of the movement.

Mass movements....always offers opportunities of a vast nature, if you just climb on-board and join the movement.

Mass movements....offer honor in return for your contribution.

Mass movements....for the most part, hate discussion over the topic with rational people.

Mass movements....need you in a bind over guilt and failure.  You haven't done enough to advance society, therefore, you must be guilty of a terrible thing.  Come with make up for your guilt.

Mass movements....have no room for people who are independent or prone to individualism.  You must be part of the greater good, without questioning the end result.

Yeah, Tony and the Hollywood guys probably had some naive moments and just bought participation into this movement as part of some greater good in life.