Monday, 11 February 2013

The Story to the Story to the Story

Over the weekend, there's an electronic book that came out....barely 80-odd pages....over the whole Benghazi episode.  What we basically find out is a strange operation.

This character now in the running for the head of the CIA....John Brennan...had this tasking.

So let's set the script here.  The evil Muammar Gaddafi guy, who led Libya for all those years....suddenly about five years ago came to find the good graces of Europe and the US within his range.  He was their friend, and was suddenly cooperative.

A funny thing happen two years ago....some groups in Libya went anti-Gaddafi.  Mostly the Jihad guys.

So you had the State Department, CIA, and whoever....all up and friendly with Gaddafi, but this war starts up.  There is some belief that maybe some US elements were connected to the anti-Gaddafi crowd.  In the end.....Gaddafi's government falls, and he's shot dead.

Well...Gaddafi's former associates have connections....feel hostile and angry, and they want various elements of the Jihad guys killed off.

So enters some folks connected up to the Administration, and here enters John Brennan.  John is eventually given a strange tasking.  Go after the Jihad guys.....who have a number of friendly relations going with various US government groups.

John has this military group attached to the tasking.  John doesn't talk to the CIA much.  John doesn't talk much to the Pentagon.  John doesn't talk much to the State Department.  Everyone may claim pieces of information, but I would imagine that no one was really clear on what the heck John's group was doing.

So John's gang went out and killed Jihad guys.  After a while, the Jihad guys started to ask stupid questions.

Here was the State Department trying to be friendly with Jihad folks in Afghanistan and Pakistan.  Here were Pentagon efforts to bring a more friendly relations with Jihad guys.  And some oddball group is killing Jihad Libyan guys left and right?

So the left hand didn't talk to the right hand.

Somewhere in the midst of this mess.....this ambassador ends up going somewhere he should have known better. Some CIA guys probably should have had more understanding of everything around them.

The Senate is about to stop the Brennan proceedings and ask stupid questions.

My guess is that some CIA guys are turning around and asking how this guy gets the 'get-into-the-CIA' card and is the cause of this big mess.

The Pentagon?  They are likely asking who authorized all this and how they were left out of the loop.

Brennan?  This book comes out and really puts him into an awkward position.  The writers probably wanted to wait another four months and have 200 pages, but this was the only way to toss some gas onto the fire, and make things kinda interesting.

So finally.....what is the real game-plan?  Don't know.  Maybe there's a dozen such operations underway presently, and no really knows what all twelve lead to.