Tuesday, 19 February 2013

What Sequestration Will Prove

The Wells Fargo Bank folks came out yesterday with a study, and basically said that around ten percent of the overall budget of DC, Maryland, and Virginia....relates to the sequestration.  That means as we enter this economic slow-down....things will start to slow down locally as well.

Selling a house in the region this year?  Don't count on a quick sales.....it might require an extra month....maybe even six months.

Car sales?  You might want to make your old car last through the rest of this summer, and wait until October before buying a new car.

Eating out?  Well....if you got ten percent less pay this month.....you might want to eat out less.

Home repairs?  If it's not urgent, then put it off for six to twelve months.

My suspicion is that the President didn't really figure this DC slowdown into the original sequestration deal.  Now that we are about to enter the period.....there's some worries that news reporters will start to grasp that sequestration isn't a positive thing.  Then at some point, some idiot reporter will ask who came up with the sequestration idea, and no one will want to answer that question.

What sequestration will come to prove.....is that one particular area of the nation....is utterly dependent.....on government functions operating in a normal fashion.  Even a ten percent cut in budget....brings DC to it's knees.